Adventure Ends

Part – 3 (Continuing our journey from part -1 & 2)

It was about 9:00pm when we pulled into the stall. The car wash was empty but little did we know that it was a hangout for the local high school kids. I got out put some quarters in the machine and started spraying the jeep. It was really muddy and was going to take a while. I stopped and asked jenny to get some ones out of my wallet and find the change machine. When she returned she decided to give me a break. As she started to spray the jeep the water flashed back and soaks her from head to toe. I started laughing and needless to say she took that as an insult and sprayed me. Once her tank top and shorts got wet, they went from sheer to transparent and clung to her like a second skin. I could see everything from her nipples to her ***** lips. This was a complete turn on for both of us. She loved the idea of being totally exposed in public and she was so sexy looking that I was totally turned on and hard. I walked up behind her and started squeezing her **** as she washed the jeep. She leaned her head back so that I could kiss her, as I did I slid my hand down to her **** and started rubbing it. She pressed her *** against my hard **** and started grinding against it. During the moment we had not realized that two carloads of kids had driven into the parking lot and were watching us. But realized it as they got out of the car and started clapping. Needless to say we were embarrassed. One of the girls yelled; “don’t stop because of us.

I pulled away from her but not before I heard her mumble they want a show I’ll give them a show. She handed me the nozzle, leaned up against the jeep and asked me to spray her. Once the water started hitting her she started massaging her **** and rubbing her *****. The tank top had stretched from the weight of the water and she could easily expose her ****. As she did she would lift it and give it a suck. She also slid her hand into her shorts and buried a couple of fingers in her *****. She then turned to face the jeep and started humping it as if it were a big ****. This really turned the kids on. They kept inching closer to get a better view. By the time I had finished washing the jeep they were within a few feet of us. I handed the nozzle to her and told her we needed to go. She then proceeded to soak me, and the kids laughed. She put the nozzle up and asked me to open her door. I opened the door she started to step in, then stopped, looked at me and said we can’t go home like this we’ll get the seats wet. I told her to put the blanket on the seat. She did, then took her clothes off and threw them to the kids. They all screamed and clapped including the girls. She looked at me and said well, you’re wet too, then winked. I pulled my clothes off and threw them into the jeep. The girls screamed, wow, when they saw the size of my ****. She grabbed my **** and gave it a squeeze; she then leaned over the seat and guided my **** to her *****. I buried it to the hilt as everyone gasped. I humped her a few times then she pushed me away and said these kids have seen enough. Wife got in, I closed her door walked around and got in the driver’s side. The kids walked up to the jeep until they could see in the window. I started the engine and drove off just as she deep throated my ****. The kids were clapping and yelling as we pulled out of the parking lot. Even though we had left the parking lot she kept on sucking until I cummed. We spent the remainder of the night laughing and *******. We were glad the next day was Sunday. (Adventure ends)

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that's fantastic! takes in two of my favorite experiences...wet clothes and public sex, and a favorite audience. one of the best stories i have ever read. would love to see that played out in a movie. if i was directing, i would also soak those teens, but hey, don't want to get greedy.