1 Of The Very First Times

Not sure how old I was maybe about 17-18 years old Her name was Julie and she was about 16 or so. it was not our first time having sex, we where at my grandmothers house in south FL. Everyone was in the house talking and drinking we snuck out and headed for the utility shed in the back yard. most of the time we had sex it was outside somewhere while we was on a date. But any way this one time was grabbed a quickly, she said I was not that compassionated after ward but dam it was about 9:30 at night and I was getting ate up by  mosquitoes and just coulded lay there and cuddle after wards. Its one of those times I regret becouse she did not enjoy it. I did make up for it later.

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

LOL - you have the <strong>worst</strong> luck! I hope the third time was better...

I don't think the next time was much better, we was hanging out at Rye bridge swimming. We ducked out to an old building not to far away, she was letting my eat her ***** (i was still learning) when big *** gopher rat jumped out and that was the end of that.