Orange Groves

While travelling throughout the coast of Spain my boyfriend and I had chosen to travel on his Harley Davidson 'Big Boy' motorcycle. After several hours of being on the road and feeling all the vibrations that were surging through my body, I became overly aroused, wet. As a result, I had to ask my boyfriend to pull over as I needed him to take me...... now.

My lover had rode into an orange grove and by the time the engine had seized, I had my shorts off and I was bent over the seat. My *** was bare and it was swaying from side to side inviting him to enter me. It took him but a second to unzip his jeans and pull out his huge throbbing ****. It entered me in one plunge and I instantly came, juices flowing down my inner thighs. As he continued to plunge inside me I couldn't help but notice what a beautiful setting we were in. It was gorgeous, orange trees as far as the eyes could see, and the smell, fresh juice with a hint of forest, clean and fresh. The sun was hot and the sky was perfectly blue. And my lover was inside me, thrusting me, filling me, pleasing me and together we orgasmed.

It was the perfect place and the perfect moment.


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Angelsx, thank you...and you just can't help yourself, hey??? *smiles and chuckles*

Lovely story it really makes me want to imagine my self doing that with you .!

Callmetarantula, yes is definitely a part of the turn on.....*smiles*

reminds me of the time when me & my girlfriend made out in a grove of Acacia trees in the desert. It was a really cool night & we were at it for like 2 hrs. The chance of being discovered & of doing it in the open for the first time was really a turn on.

PaladineOH, I am going to stay away from that one as I think I might get into to some!<br />
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Sarhas, it was amazing!! My fondest memories of Spain.

I love oranges even more. Want to visit my orange grove little girl???? LOL

sounds amazing!

A bicycle ride is not going to cut it Uglybuzzard47!! *chuckles*<br />
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Thank you for the compliment!

AgeingThinker, thank you for adding the universal edge! And you are right...we were merely doing what Adam & Eve did.....I wonder if they had as much fun as we did????<br />
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Sharon85hk, thank you for the lovley compliment! *smiles*<br />
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RustyLew, reading it again you say? Hmmmmm, well feel free to read it as much as you desire. Glad to hear that it is worthy of another reading.

So good had to read it again!

It's sexy & lovely

great story, it really stirs up my imagination.<br />
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Chances are you were not the first ones to make love on that spot. One spring, 30,000 years ago the caveman emerged with his woman. The glaciers have retreated and trees were in full bloom. There would be plenty of food for the next winter, so that was the time to pass on their genes. They had to do it then and there, right on the spot, below the flowering trees. By next winter, there were babies crying in that cave.<br />
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This is where we, humans of today, have all come from. If you go back long enough in our ancestry, you will find that all of us have been conceived in an orange grove. No wonder we want to go back and repeat the experience. We men travel far and wide, to find the best groves. And when we find it, our women, with their nesting instinct, will be quick to remind us, that bees are doing it too. <br />
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Your story is original, so I just wanted to add an universal edge to it. After all, you were merely doing what Adam and Eve have done, according to the original instructions given to us.

Magic you say? Hmmmm, I guess I will just have to take your word for it!

Thank you Gdmoscow! Very kind words. So tell me, what do you have under your hat.....a rabbit??? *smiles and chuckles*

Married2bf, I am glad that you enjoyed reading and imagining - that is the ultimate compliment. *chuckles about the vibrating bullet*<br />
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Pamperrurft, I think it is the allure of somewhere new, somewhere unknown topped with spontaneous intimacy, no time to think or rationalize, just time to go along for the ride, making it a lethal combination really.

What a pleasure to read and imagine! Thank you! :) I'm not going to run out and get a motor cycle, but I'm certainly putting a vibrating bullet in the glove box!

Funkadelic, sweet words again, thank you!<br />
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DeepStorm63, so, 500 divided by 30 equals 16.66 times by 2 equals 33.33, WOW! Kinda impressive, she was a trooper!! *smiles wickedly*

The longest one way was just short of 500 miles, in one day. Of course we had to stop frequently to give her some rest. Then we had the trip back, but that happened about a week later. The return trip took two days, but that's another story within itself.

Sexy & beautiful

Deepstorm63, well that would definitely be an interesting trip, for you and the girl! So tell us, what is the most miles you covered in a day???? I am suspecting not too far.....*smiles and laughs*<br />
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Hammerhead1949, I am sorry about your motorcycle, perhaps you have a friend who would allow you to borrow theirs for a little 'ride'.

Wish I still had my Harley Sportster. I can think of many wonderful places that we could go. But, what I remember most, was that several girls who had ridden with me said that they could have at least one ****** every 30 miles.<br />
So, I would gauge the length of the trip by how many ******* they would want.

Yes....I admit, I miss the motorcycle, I don't miss the guy, but ........yeah, I miss he motorcycle. *smiles with fond memories*

Makes me want to get a motorcycle.