My First Wife

Its kind of funny thinking back, Besie was my first wife. The first time we had sex was under my truck parked next to the house. But thats not the story here, its was after we was marryed. I was in the barn working on my truck,  it wasn't much of a barn but it worked for what we needed at the time. the truck was a 64 chevy pickup. I was rebuilding the engine, the engine compartment was very large on them, I was standing on the ground inside where the fan goes, I had just set the intake manfold on as was putting the bolts in when she comes down to the barn. lol she's horny and I'm busy, I was on a roll and didn't want to stop and she was having none of that. She was wearing a pair of white short and a halter top. I wasn't paying her no mind when the next thing I see is her stratle the engine with her ***** in my face, Well yes I was young and and not so smart but dam I did have to stop what I was doing for a min, I started to eat her pusssy for a few, then she sat down on top of the manifold and pulled out my **** and I ****** her right there on the engine. Next thing I know my brother is leaning on the fender laughing saying that looks like fun. I don't think we missed a beat, I gave her what she wanted and after I shot a load into her she was happy and climbed out dripping *** all over my fender she was happy, she was pulling up her shorts we where laughing at her, her *** was black with grease. She just looked at us and said I told you I was getting me some. And with that she was gone. Yes sometimes I miss the old days.

tradewindsjohn tradewindsjohn
36-40, M
1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Cute! Nothing like a lady who'll do what ever it takes to get what she wants!