Late One Night

I don't recall the exact circumstances of how we got started or how we got there (this was a few years back), but I do know it was a dark night and my wife and I ended up in the backyard. 

She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and I had a towel wrapped around my waist.  The backyard faced a dense row of trees so there was very little chance that anyone was going to see us. 

Anyway, she took her top off and grabbed the towel from me.

I stood there naked for a moment, feeling the slightly cool breeze on my skin before I grabbed her and pulled her to me.

I don't think I've ever felt so alive and so turned on.  I wanted her.  I really really wanted her.

We kissed for a little while, with my hands caressing the bare skin of her back.  I cupped one of her breasts, but I wasn't out to grope her - I wanted this to last.  I don't think our lips ever broke contact.

I gently lowered her so that her back was against the car hood (the driveway circled to the back of the house).  Now I pressed her down so that her arms were out to the side.  I continued to kiss her and pressed my bare chest against her breasts.  I could feel them getting harder and she was whimpering.  I hoped she was feeling the same pained ecxitement as I was.

I let her left arm go so that I could use my right hand to slip her shorts off.  Sure enough, as soon as I unpinned her she lifted her arm, but she draped it around my neck and offered no resistance as I pulled her shorts down to her ankles.

Now, with both of us completly nude, I pressed myself between her legs and slipped my **** into her.  She gasped as I went deeper and deeper.  Once I was in I began to thrust.  I tried to keep it slow because I didn't want this to end but It was so damned hard! 

She broke free of my grip and grabbed my hips.  She pulled me toward her at the pace she wanted and it was fast.  She was moaning.  I was moaning.  It didn't take me long to ***.  She was still pulling on me as I did, which was making me crazy.  Then she screamed once and I thought she was going to choke, but she exploded in the same mind-blowing ****** that I was having.

We stayed there on the car for a couple of minutes before either of us was ready to move.

Of all the sex we've ever had, that was one of the hottest times.  It was certainly among the craziest.  Sometimes when she wants to get me hot she'll say "remember the time on the car?" and I'm ready to go!

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You tell that so was like I was there. Oh wait, I was. It was good....mmmmm....very, very good.