On The Beach

Well this happen a while back in Norfolk Va in the Ocean view area at that time they were starting to build down by he water front a new park they had put in a walk way but still had some of the old building up that were going to be torn down had been fishing one night when I stopped by that area to see what they had done and when I got down aways past the lighted area there were two girls sitting on a pad getting drunk one was pertty far gone by then and her friend was close behind they hadn't seen me yet so I stayed out of site to what was going to happen both were cute and about 21 or so college age the one started stripping off her clothes when she got down to her panties she told her friend to hurry up and get naked to by then my **** was hard as a rock so I ******** off my shorts and went down to the beach where they were at and walked along like I didn't know they were their when I got upto them we started talking when the one girl said hey your naked I said yes I was and was enjoying the breeze on my ball then she so are we and would you like to have fun with us so I said yes I **** them both that night and later got married to the one and still got to **** her outside or in and got to **** her friend also until she moved away

beavereater beavereater
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

A fortunate encounter and result. Good fortune!

I always wondered about something like this. If you meet two and do them both ... then end up serious with one ... do you still get to have fun with the other? (this goes for guys and girls) I think you answered the question for me. Yes, you still get to boff the other one. Everyone wins!