In Front Of A Hotel

I was out at a movie with a woman I'd slept with only a couple times and we were still very much excited about exploring each other.... so I paid very little attention in the theatre to the movie and much more to between her legs where my hand played for most of it.  After it was over we left the theatre and started walking back to her place (she didn't live far away) but we couldn't even make it there, without saying a word we stopped only a couple hundred feet from the cinema and started kissing in front of a hotel down the road.  It just kept going and and before I knew it we were lying down on the lawn and she was on top of me riding my **** with my pants still on.  It was incredibly hot being out in the open, the clear sky above as I looked up at her, and the thrill of being caught.

I have no idea if anyone in the actual hotel looked down and saw us but I don't think we were seen by anyone on the ground - I have no idea how now that I look back on it but it was an an amazing experience that I'll never forget!

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:) Always a blast! (and cheaper too)