Sex At Walmart

I had a great friend with bennies. We were shoping at walmart and were in the sporting goods department. We came up to the ice fishing shantys and she said lets check them out, my mind started to wonder. We went inside the first one and she said it was to small. We went in to the second one and she had a look in her eye. She closed the door and put her finger to her lips and said to keep quite. She reached over and grabed my ****, instant *****. Then she turned around ,pulled down her pants and said to give it to me. You dont her to ask me twice. I put it in and started pumping her slowly. Just the thrill of it all, i only lasted about 2 minutes. Gots areselfs together and got out of the shanty. People were giving us smiles and dirty looks.   ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!!!!!!!
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That sounded great. Once my boy friend fingered me off in a restaurant. I was too chicken to jack him off even though he had it out and real hard.

Leave it to you to have sex in stangeat ave ever