And He Was 42

You can read in my story: 'i had my first sexual intercourse when i was 12'
That was my first experience with love and sexual intercourse and where i had a stable relation with a student of 22.

I always have liked it to be with older men; in fact my hubbie is 21 years older then me. This begun at 11 when we became b&gf. Read the story: EP Link

When my bf had to leave town to get a master in an other country, i was left quite alone. The boys from college weren't not of my interest and most also weren't interested in me, since im a very petite girl and almost flat-chested. Now wasn't that very strange at that age, but some of the boys already laid their hands on Playboy and were only interested in girls who were getting breasts.
Nobody knew about my relation with my bf, at least not the sexual aspect; boys thought i was still a 'sexless girl' for them. *smile*

In any case, i wasn't interested and i felt always more attraction to older men. I noticed that i had a strange effect on some men; they looked me at a special way, applying a complete check up (not sure if this is the correct word) when their eyes wandered over my small body.

So did also every time i entered in the company of my dad and walked in along the office to see my dad. Sometimes he wasn't at the office and then the manager was in charge, Rob had his office next to dads office.
A very nice man of 42 and always was kind and friendly when i passed along his office and he had always some nice word for me. I also noticed that when he made me stop to greet me that he gave me also a complete check up with his eyes, when i left from his sight i could feel his eyes watching my bum most of the times. He was very jovial and tried to flirt with me when he could. I always answered his flirtations with a discrete smile. But, however i had no special attraction to him, i found him an attractive man, maybe cause of his smile and friendly face; he had a belly and his hair was already less. In spite of that i found him attractive and sexy.

I was again a 'single girl' after my bf had left the country. We were together for about a year and half and i was 13 at that time and the end of the school year was close. The fair came to the nearby city where dad had his company and i wanted after school see him and comment some things that happened in school.
I entered in the office and noticed that nobody was there, only the manager, and he was about to close the office. I wasn't aware at that moment that it was a local festival and that companies closed at midday in the week of the fair.
Hi sweety, he greeted me, your dad went to the fair with some possible new clients (very common here) to have some drinks with 'tapas' (small food snacks, very popular in my country).
Aren't you going to the fair? i asked with a sweet smile.
' i go close the office and prepare myself for the evening' he said with a big smile on his face. I told him i wanted to take some sheets with notes i left there. He followed me to dads office, his eyes fixed on my bum.

We entered dad's office and i began to find the papers i needed. I was aware of his growing excitement as he watched all my movements and i decided to answer his flirtations with me. i looked slowly on dad's desk and in the drawers. I moved my body in all kind of poses and i heard a deep sigh from him. i looked at him and he looked back till i i continued looking. We both knew and felt a sexual tension was growing between us; i got an unexpected crush on him and i felt in some way his sexual excitement.

I sat my small bum on the sofa with some papers in my hand and kept looking at him while he stared at me. ' I have to look these pares to see if it are the right ones,' i lied.
' i go close the outside door' he said and left the room. I felt kinda panic cause i knew we were going to do something 'forbidden'.
He returned some instants later and i stood up with the papers in my hand: ' i think these are what i.....' I couldn't finish the phrase cause he extended his arms and the papers fell of my hand. He took me in his arms and held me close against him. I had my head against his chest and i felt how he took my head and brought his lips close to mines; there was no return. A strong desire came over me and took control, from now on, all got instinctively. I pressed my lips on his and he answered by letting his tongue sliding into my mouth, kissing me deep and intense. His saliva got smeared all over my lips and cheeks and his kiss was passionate; i answered with the same passion and i felt my body on fire. He groped me all over my small body and his hand shoved over my almost flat chest, touching and groping me. i pressed my body closer against him and stroked his bum passing his back to his head as we continued kissing.

My vision narrowed in the way my (and his) excitement was growing and all you could hear in the room were to panting bodies in heat that made loud kiss noises.
I felt his hands sliding down over my body till he reached the button of my shorts and opened it. At my turn i opened his pants as well and in short we were touching and exploring all over; i felt his hands over my bum and we fell on the sofa. We took off the rest of the clothes and we got close on the dad's office sofa.
It became a great love making. He explored my tight body and i played with his stiff ****, wrapping it with my small hand and moved it up and down, pressing it so that his **** got covered with his precum.
While his hand pressed my legs open, he reached my cunny and i felt electric sense all over my body when he entered in my wet vulva.

We didn't came to oral sex that afternoon; i suppose the ambiance was too loaded with sexual desire and the only thing to do for both was to ****. He made me feel in heaven when he rubbed my **** area (he was definitely experienced) which made me feel in have, my body swirling as as a serpent, desiring his penetration experience was shuddering my whole existence, since my bf left and my sexual frustration grew. I only wanted his **** and he was desiring the same for my cunny; he moved me under him. I spread my legs lasciviously which made him shove his body over me. I felt his wet precumsmeared top entering between my cunnylips and stretching my entrance up. He thrusted his **** slowly in me and i pushed up my underbody to receive him in me, calming down my sexual frustrations when he penetrated me.

He entered in my narrow hole till i felt his balls slapping against my bum; i had still a very narrow vision and i felt the sexual desire as if it was something i wouldn't want come out. He ****** me, pumping my small body and my vagina wrapped his **** when he shove it in and out me. With every move i felt my body coming closer to an unbearable sexual tension and when he sweating and with a loud yell of lust shoot his ***** in me, i got my body convulsing over his **** and my sexual nerves couldn't stand it longer; i collapsed totally in lust and the ****** was a long high, welling wave that came over me and made me float.

I got back my conscience when i heard him panting and his sweat drops leaked over my ******* and made his chest sticked against mine.
For a time i couldn't speak but my mind was overflowing of pleasure and happiness which i enjoyed till it lowered little by little and i could normal think again.
My bf gave me great experiences and i learned a lot of him sexually. With my dad's manager i noticed that he added experience to my sexual life and we had a relation of about 2 years, Then it was when he divorced due of his sexless marriage and got an adult gf.
Till that moment i was his lover and we had many intimate and lustful encounters. Dad never noticed it, i think. But when Rob married, i didn't go so much to the office to see dad, but that might be cause i was already 15 and dated with other men.
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I always think about a few younger girls when I was 21 and smile I didn't have a relationship with them, just a chance meeting. Many of these in my life still to this day produce deep longings. I wonder about how petite you may be. One of my favorite girls to see is Spanish and Colombian, 4'9" and about 85 pounds. She is a singer now and living in the USA.

you were really blessed.

and a damn hot girl.

You were blessed with a few wonderful experiences as a child..and you seem to really have enjoyed every minute of it..You must have been a very mature child...and now a beautiful well functioning adult :) Thanks for sharing!

But now you seem so well adjusted..and you have at least one friend..:) is everything great for you now..have you found ways to integrate and enjoy yourself as an seem like it?

Very nice story

Well written erotica.

well hi I would have loved to be there I could have taught you a lot and from the sound of it received a whole lot of pleasure from it. your story is hot,as are you .
Thank you for pleasure you gave me in the reading of it.

You had an exciting and fulfilling sex life as a pre-teen and early teen, Makes me happy for you

you are so hot sweetheart. preteen sex is the best sex.

when i was 14 i worked at small town gas station, the owner was a pot belly bald guy about 60 his wife was early 40s she use to come in every afternoon and get the money and do the books in the back office,,baldy had an old recliner where he would take his naps, he would go to the vfw every day at 5 and would be gone until 9, his wife use to flirt with me and make me horny as hell, i walked in the office many times and she would be sitting in that old chair with her legs spread or her blouse open, or call me in and ask me a dumb question leaning over so her big boobs would be pushed out the top of her bra, i would get instantly hard and so i knew before i went in there to pull my **** up and aim it to the top of my zipper so when it would get hard she wouldnt know, soon as i left there i would run out to the bathroom one the outside of the building and rub one out, i could get my cookie in a minute or less sometimes..i would do that at least once if not 2 times aday, If i just had the nerve to go for it i know she would have screwed my eyes out. i jacked for years and got my cookie 100`s of times thinking about old baldys wife,

Great story, and you tell it so beautifully too making us feel all the sensations :) And lol, if only those boys knew the truth, their jaws would drop right to the floor, hehe..

you seem to be having fun rom13yo on up to adult hood . some girl have a hell of a problem with sex

simply amazing - thank u

OMG what a hot story,got me throbbing to the end, makes me dream of it too....

Great story.