My Friend's Brother

I've written several stories on EP about my sexual history with friends and others, but I recently recalled another one. I thought the first time I sucked a post-pubescent c**k was at age 12. Actually, I was 8 years old. I went across the street to play with my friend. I asked her mom where she might be and she said that my friend was down in the basement watching tv. Turns out she had gone to another neighbors house. I went down to their basement and heard the tv. I started to yell out my friend's name when I heard a noise in the next room. I peeked through the door and there was her 16 year old brother completely naked and beating off. He was so hot! He was very athletic and had rippling muscles and abs. His d**k was at least 8" thick. My little wiener got hard as a rock as I watched him. After a minute of this I tried to open the door a little more and it let out a loud creak! He was startled at first and covered himself up until he realized I wasn't his mom. He asked what I wanted and I said I want to watch. He was reluctant as first but opened his legs and went back to work. I walked in and shut the door behind me. I watched at first then reached up and cupped his big balls in my little hand. He looked at me and stopped *******. I could tell he wanted me to touch him. I was so excited looking at that big c**k pulsating in my face and I grabbed it with both hands and mimicked his ******* motion. I played with it for several minutes until I couldn't resist any longer. I removed my hands, looked up at him and then took his hard, yet soft big glans in my mouth. He couldn't believe I was doing that and rolled his eyes back as a shiver went up his spine. I wasn't able to get much in my mouth, but it was enough that he started bucking his hips and f**king my mouth. I reached under again and rubbed his *** and balls. It didn't take long before I noticed a salty taste on my tongue and then his hips started doing these quick jerks and his body stiffened as he squirted load after load in my mouth. I tried to take it all, but it ran out the corners of my mouth and onto my shirt. I did swallow that hot teenage juice and licked it off my shirt. He patted me on the head and said good job kid! I left through the basement door so his mom wouldn't see me. I never did find my friend!
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I had a tall friend as a boy and teenager named Stanley. He had a huge **** you could see through his pants. I remember being in the basement with him in my house growing up and wrestling around / i so wanted to suck his ****. I grabbed his crotch a few times and got a good feel - big and thick with big balls. But nothing happened. Haven't thought about that in a long time.

What a loss!

Yes it was - didn't suck my first **** until I was in my 30s

I don't know. When I finally did suck **** it was at an Adult Book Store with video booths and glory holes. I had been going to ABS for relief - had been in a bad relationship with a girl that didn't really like sex. And this one ABS had a more gay/bi clientele. Although I was watching staraight ****, is occasionally get have to use a booth with a hole. After seeing a couple of ***** or tongues come through the hole the idea began to getting me hot. So one time I went thinking I would let a guy suck me off. I made eye contact with an African American gentleman in tight white tennis shorts and went into a glory hole booth. I put my money in and pulled out my hard on expecting to slide it through the hole. Instead I saw this big purple headed **** so hard it was throbbing at every pulse. I fell to my knees and became a complete **** - was gagging on him, wiping his **** on my face, sticking my tongue through to lick his balls, then just letting him pump my mouth and fill me with ***. I swallowed it and then continued to suck and lick him clean as he softened. When he pulled his **** out I passed mine through - he stroked me once and I shot across his booth. Have like sucking ever since.

Lucky little dude

That got me all boned man.

Sadly, no and we never spoke of it again. However, I did catch his older brother ******* my sister once. He was hot too!