Country Recess

i went to a country school that had classes up to the 8th grade.. There was 14 to 15 kids. An older boy jacked himself off to show us younger boys. David even touched it. Anyway David had a little sister. We were 9. She was 8 . So he called Dianne over. He was laying down and she looked at the bulge in has pants. He lifted her dress to look at her pantys. I was staring at her when David said to touch it. It was the smoothest, most sexiest thing i ever done. From than on I chased diane to feel her. I could not get my mind off of feeling girls up. No one was safe from wrestling, feelin, and butt hmping.
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rural communities I think have a different dynamic than cities

Sounds like fun for all involved! :) ;)

so there was truth in all the stuff we heard in the city about you country folk eh...? lol

Wow! What a hot, sexy, erotic story! :) ;)

It sounds like those sexual activities were fun, pleasant,
exciting, enjoyable, and memorable for all involved!

Sounds like fun! :) ;)

Awesome story

Wow so horny

thank you. warms my heart to know others found such joy. 8s are hot stuff

ever get her to blow you?

i was 9 sister was barely 6 when we began playing doctor then a female cousin 10 told us about playing mommy and daddy in our undies. that involved humping creating intense feelings in our genitalia, sis called it "tingles" . cousin was well versed in matters sexual including the use of fingers hands and oral gratification all before i could ejerkulate. i learned later how a 10 year old girl knew so much, she had an "uncle" that taught her . by the time i was 12ish and sis 9 we we were trying to have intercourse.

I know how you felt. My sister was 4 years younger than I and I was feeling her up and fingering her when I was . Yes that made her to be 6 years old. It was a great time. We actually kept it up till I went into the service. Towards the end there was sucking and licking and a lot of *******.

remember the first time you smelled the scent of her juices? that lives with me until now


I remember the softness of her panties, warm and smooth, I love to slide my fingers down over the mound and diddle her soft lips.

how about your tongue mmmmm

have you ever thought about sex with more than one boy at a time/ They say that young girls are into this.. I just wonderd, sounded strange to me but things have changed