To Old, Not Good Looking.

When I was young around 13 or 16 I ran away from home. Parents being... Parents. Anyway one of my brothers picked me up from a friends house. He said he had to women with him. They were bi. When we got back to my brothers place my brother and this other girl went to bed. I ended up with a large ugly women who wanted to do me. Knowing I was a virgin. Well I couldn't *** because I wasn't turned on enough. But she went to town sucking my ****. She was good at it too. Anyway, she asked me if I liked her sucking me. All I could do was shake my head yes. Never wanted to see her again, but she wanted me. Sorry I wasn't excited over her body. Just her lips around my teen love pole. Got married years later. My wife wasn't as good and stopped a few years later. I miss that.
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41-45, M
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I have always said, it's not how you look, but how good you are.