1st *******

this was my very first sexual experience i was 6 years old and at that time i was as inocent as any other child that age
it was a sunday morning and i was at church know in this church the parents are in the place where they give the sermons and the kids are in another room with a teacher

on this day there were alot more kids than usual about 25 and there was only 1 teacher at the time in a large room the teacher was standing in the door and all the kids were going crazy screaming and playing but the teacher wasnt paying much attention i was hanging out with 3 friends 2 were 6 year olds like me and 1 was a 12 year old
the 2 6 year olds were joe and mike and the 12 year old was cristian
so as we were playing cristian the 12 year old said hey guys u wanna see something and we were very curiouse and naive so we all said yeah as if he was gonna show us an awsome new toywe thought it would be like a car or a lego or something like that but he had something else in mind
so as we all agreed we wanted to see what he was gonna show us
he said follow me we went to the end of the class where there was 2 large tables and we went under the tables as far away from the door
we were so deep under the tables that no body could see us under there
so cristian said ok im gonna show u guys something great he emidietley cought our attention we were so curiouse he said joseph(my best friend the other 6 year old) i want u to lay on your back and so he did he was way bigger than us so he was able to manhandle us and pickus up any way he wanted so joseph was laying on his back with cristian at his feet and me on his left and mike on his right next thing we know cristian reaches out and says watch this he grabs josephs pants and starts to pull them down and half way down before revealing anything good joseph says what are u doing and cristian calmly says dont worry you will like itso joseph let him finish cristian pulls his pants and underwear all the way down takes them off and puts them aside and then cristian tells me lick it so i started to lick it and then he told my friend mike who was across from me on the other side of joseph to lick it too so we take turns not really knowing what we are doing but we feel this strange warmth that keeps pushing us to lick more
then he tells us to put it completley in our mouth i go first and put it in my mouth
then cristian grabs my head and pushes it down and brings it up so i was blowing him he told me good job ur practically a pro then it was mikes turn and he but he wasnt that good at sucking after we were done he told mike to get in the middle and we did the same thing, cristian undressed mike and we each sucked him and cristian would continue to compliment me saying damn u were born to suck i liked the compliment it made me feel good so after we were done with mike i thought he was gonna ask me to get in the middle and recieve a ******* but he didnt he told me i think u better just stick to sucking since ur a pro and now its my turn he told all of us so he took his pants off and his **** was twice as big as joseph and mikes and 3 times as big as mine but nobody saw mine
so i was to the right of him as he layed down mike was in the middle and joseph on the left he told us now u all get the pleasure of sucking my **** we were all quiet waiting for instructions we all loved the new game he had shown us and just as we were about to start he said wait u 2 trade places i want u in the middle then he pointed at me i said me why because obviousley some guys are ment to get head and some boys are ment to give head ur ment to give head he told me i felt so good knowing i got the privalege of sucking him so he motioned us to start he grabed my hand and put it on the base of his penis then put his hand over my head and slowly pushed it twords his penis i felt really warm and horny he spreaded his leags wider so my friends could lick his balls there we were 3 6 year olds sucking a 12 year olds and i was loving it the most u could tell i had my eyes closed and was making sweet love to that **** with my mouth it was harder to get it all in my mouth because it was bigger than the 6 y/o **** i had earlier. my friends were licking his balls like puppies drinking water with there tounges out just licking his balls
cristian kept his eyes on me the whole time i noticed and when our eyes conected i couldnt stop looking at him he was in heaven and i was glad i could take him there  i was glad i was pleasuring him and making him happy then suddenly he said stop and he motioned mike and joseph to get off then he grabed my by the back of my head and started to ********** he was about to *** he kept going untill 3 huge squirts of *** hit my virgin face it was my first time so i didnt know what to do when all the *** was out of his **** and on my face he he motioned me to give him a light suck so i did and he quickly pulled me off his **** because i didnt want to stop then he took his index finger wiping the *** off my face and started to feed it to me. my friends were just staring in delight as i cleaned the *** off his finger when we were done he told us to get dressed and smirked at me he then i knew i was born to suck **** and serve men and the pleasure i felt was incredible without even taking out my small dicklet  i had a good time
ltltlt ltltlt
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I sucked my first one when I was 7.

suck me too please..i'd do anything for ur hot body..please let me see it

a great story thanks for sharing

I am soooo hard after reading this. Thanks.

at church no less. Just goes to show that Christians can also be cocksuckers. me too. interesting story

thats sounds amazing! i wish that would happen to me now lol

that is such a hot story! did you never get any head?

nop nevernd i dont mind i like giving it

super hot

wow great story

when I was Christians age I had a **** buddy my own age but went to public toilets where I knew older guys hung around hoping to get their ***** sucked by young boys ...I dont put any blame on these guys it was me who went looking for **** to play with

i wish i could find **** to play with

fortunately around where I live there are a few gay cruising areas I found courtesy of squirt.org so I dont go too short of fun times

You are so hot!

gee thanks

Wow, and that all happened in the church? That's kinky.

yeah its pritty kinky i learned to praise **** at church

Well since you were born to suck, I'd like you to suck mine.

anytime baby

so where are you? Any where near San Diego?

san francisco

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