Depends On The Person

Some women are repulsed having sex while on their period but I'm one of those types that loves it. I didn't think my husband would be one of those types that does it when I first met him. When we went out and he wanted to have sex with me the first time while I was on my period I didn't try to enforce it. With me I didn't care one way or the other but I didn't know if he would be grossed out by doing it or not but when he found out I was on my period it didn't stop him. He loves it when I go down on him so before we actually have sex when I'm on my period I always make sure I suck on him before we do it. I love the way it feels while having sex, to me it's a good lubrication even though it can get a little messy lol. My sister on the other hand thinks it's gross but I told her that yeah it's a little messy but just throw you a towel down or whatever and go at it. A few men I've talked to doesn't call it no odds, when in the heat of the moment they don't care if a woman's on her period or not.
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My wife and I still call it "no baby time" and had sex every one of her periods before engagement and marriage. We didn't have to be careful those days and the lubrication is different, just a little more friction :-)