The Girl Who Would Become My Wife

When I was a teenager, I was quite shy with girls.  When I was in high school, I didn't go out on a date with a girl until I was asked to a Sadie Hawkins dance by a girl in my junior year.  She became my first girlfriend,and we dated for about a year.  We got into some pretty heavy petting, but we never had sex, not even oral.  We broke up eventually, and after going out with a few other girls, never for more than one date, I finally asked out this very pretty girl who worked with some of my friends at a place that hired a lot of teens to pack books.  I was 18 at the time, and she was 16, and we had a great first date, and quickly started going "steady".  It wasn't long until our relationship became sexual, starting with me sucking her breasts, then fingering her *****, and she would touch and stroke my ****.  Within about a month of our first date we had sex for the first time, and we were both virgins, so it was an awkward, fumbling sort of thing, but we discovered the joys of sex together, and it was wonderful!  I do have a story here on EP about our first time together, and I describe it in quite a bit of detail.  I have stories about many of our best times together posted here on EP, because not only did we date very seriously and have a LOT of sex, some of it fairly adventurous, and we did get married after a couple of years (she was 18 and I was 21).  Please go through my stories, and you will find a lot of great stories of sex with my wife, both after we were married and before.
EverlastOC EverlastOC
51-55, M
Sep 26, 2011