Swing Club Fun

Hubby writing this story...

You can read our other recent stories about my naughty wife and the fun she has been having ******* others, and recently, black guys. In the last two weeks she has had four different tastes of chocolate and loves it! Last night we went to a swing club party, it was kind of slow when we got there about 10:30pm. We started drinking some beers and chatted with a few other couples we have seen before at parties or online. After a few beers we both started to loosen up and mingle more as more people were showing up. It was still a slow night in general and the host were not expecting much more of a turnout, there was about 35 - 40 people there by midnight. It was mostly couples and a few single guys, we really had no interest in playing with anyone.

Then in walks a black guy, decent looking and in shape. My wife noticed him right away and smiled at me. As the party went on, we continued to chat, drink and listen to music. My wife said the black guy kept checking her out. By this time, several of the ladies had their tops off and freely exposed their breasts. The main room area was thinning out as people had paired up moved to play rooms. My wife excused herself to use the restroom and I took the opportunity to go meet the next guy she was going to ****. He was mingling around, not really engaged in conversation with anyone. I introduced myself and he commented on how hot and sexy our profile and pics are. I suggested he meet my wife and he said he would be over by there soon.

When my wife returned, she said she needed another beer. I went and got us each one, that would make about five now if I was counting right. I knew she would be fairly loosened up and very horny by now! We often take the opportunity to play while attending on-site parties like this. She loves to **** in front of others and loves the attention she gets from it. Soon, the guy came over and said hello, we all chatted for a little while, then I suggest we go to a play area. She looked at him and invited him to join us. He followed us in the room and my wife was pulling off her clothes and I went down on her. The other guy said he will be right back, he did this a few times, like he was checking in on another option or something. I got her off eating her ***** and then we started getting dressed again and decided we could have more fun together at home.

We went back to the main room area and the black guy was right there wondering what we were going to do. We finished our beers and started drinking bottled water and chatted some more. He seemed to more attentive this time and stayed closely to my wife's side. I asked her what she wanted to do, stick around or go home. She replied whatever I wanted, well I knew what she really wanted!! I said lets go play. We all got up and went to a different play area that was more secluded and she lay on the bed and had her clothes off in no time! I went up to her face, kissing her and playing with her **** while the other guy started fingering her *****. I took my **** out and stuck it in her mouth while the black guy went down on her *****. After a few minutes of this, I backed away from her and helped her to sit up on the bed and move to the end where he was standing.

She pulled his black **** out and started giving him head and moaning as I reached around and played with her soaking wet *****. She started to ****** again and made my hand all wet, she must have loved this guy’s ****! He pushed her back onto the bed as I held her legs open wide for him to **** her. She is a very loud woman when having sex, especially when it is as good as this was for her. I kept trying to keep my **** in her mouth, but there were times she could not focus on anything else but the pounding she was getting. He then flipped her over and entered her from behind. This made it easier for me to lie on the bed, play with her, and her to give me head. I took her hand and guided it to her ****, she loves to play and rub her **** while getting ******.

She was moaning pretty loud on my ****, and at one point she jerked and tried to move, but then stayed bent over for him. I could tell by the way she was acting and moaning that he must be playing with her ***. She seldom lets me **** her ***, only once in a while when she is very horny and after having several drinks. Her moans become more animalistic and her focus on my **** became more intense. I reached under her stomach and stroked her ****, then moved my hand down to her **** and rubbed it. I then reached down further and put two fingers into her *****, there was no **** in there, but she was getting stroked hard as she continued to suck my ****. It then dawned on me he was ******* her in the ***! I got turned on by that and helped to hold her in place over my **** while he held her hips and continued to **** her *** hard. We both picked up the pace until she went crazy with ****** again and could not support herself. He then stepped away to use the restroom and I put her on her back and stated ******* her. I whispered to her, did he **** you in the ***? She smiled and nodded yes.. Soon she flipped over and threw me on the bed and mounted me with her *** in the air toward the entrance to the room. I reached around and pulled her *** cheeks apart and asked her if she was ready for more, she just smirked at me and kept bouncing on my ****. The other guy soon came back and he played with her *** with his fingers, he did try to mount her but was having trouble with the logistics of it, we both gave up on trying that and she turned around as he mounted her and ****** some more. Before we began, I asked her if she was going to ask him to use a condom, she just gave me a quizzical look of "I doubt it", she loves bareback sex and getting guys ***.

They ****** for awhile more and then he excused himself to go into the next room for a minute as his cell phone rang. My wife and I decided we were done playing for now and began to get dressed. She wore a short denim skirt and a small open belly blouse, it was easy for her to get dressed and she sat on the end of the bed as I fumbled around trying to get my clothing on. The black guy returned and kissed my wife, turned her over, bent over the bed, pulled her skirt up and panties aside and ****** her good and hard again as I was looking for my remaining articles of clothing. By the time I got my shoes on, he made her *** again. He then pulled out and we exchanged contact info and said our goodnights. I asked my wife if he had *** in her, she did not know for sure, but mentioned she was very wet and sloppy down there!

Today we talked a little more about it, and how she gave up her *** to this guy. I asked her if it made her feel sexy and slutty taking his **** inher *** while she was sucking on mine, she said yes! She just said it is all my fault she is getting this way, she is horny all the time now and knows she is in training to handle a bbc ******** soon! We love each other and are certainly having some fun! Thanks for reading.
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This is an amazing story, the stuff of dreams, am definitely showing to the miss's, hopefully she'll get some inspiration and ideas from it!

I love your stories...hot!!

hot story Something about that guy comimg and going would disturb me. checking other room to see if something better there.

man ur a hot wife

When ever me and my wife go to swing clubs we have an agreement that she will have sex with the black men first, always. It's just the right thing to do. And luckily at the one swing club we go to there are several black couples that show up. Luckily for the black men as well, it seems we are not the only couple who have this agreement. At another swing club we go to it is a known fact that if you are black that you will have sex with every white woman there. It just kind of happens that way,

I'm with your wife ... I like black men and do enjoy having sex with them.

alouicious .. make that fantasy happen! The black guys we have invited have all been very courteous and charming, not to mention very fit and athletic. They can all keep a strong steady pace for hours of fun. One other thing, they usually always show up when they say they will.

My love has often commented on a black mans<br />
Hot body and strength and stamina...In our who would<br />
You **** game in one of my stories.<br />
We both settled on two different black<br />
Guys that she would like to ****. Still<br />
A fantasy though... :(

very hot story. . .isn't great when you both want her to **** some big well built black stud you just met at a party, and after he takes her into a bedroom and ***** her, she winds up taking his big **** up her *** while her husband watches, a special treat reserved for big, well hung black guys, that even hubby rarely gets to enjoy.

Thanks everyone for your comments!

Hubby commmenting. There's nothing hotter for me, a cuckold, than watching my<br />
pretty blonde wife taking a big black **** up her *** in the doggy position while<br />
she sucks my much smaller, limp white penis to a very quick but exquisitely<br />
pleasurable *********** in her mouth. Great story, we both loved it.

soooooo hot !!!!!<br />
<br />
damn i love it<br />
<br />
love your wife, she is fantastic

Fantastic story swingcouple417!! Is was after we started fooling around with my G/F and I going to bars with bands and her getting asked to dance and me watching her on the dance floor ......that opened the idea of exploring a actual swing club! It was amazing and really gave us a more open mind to whatever might be sexually adventurous! Our swing club experience was more of a observation experience but it really had a impact seeing couples with more experience being open sexually!