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Black Bred

i told my husband i wanted to be black bred and he had no choice and now I'm pregnant!
cuckwife cuckwife 26-30, F 35 Responses Oct 29, 2010

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was the sex worth it?now you will have a black child and every body, EVERYWHERE, will be talking about you and it and your husband!unless, that is, you have an abortion!

I am black and would love to father kids from white hottie. My dream

Weak emotionally that they gotta post on here and have others respond as a way to feel wanted and accepted.well good luck to ya.

Im a white male of italian and german descent.i have a 10 in. .I've had alll black girlfriendsSome of them i have bred.They like my strong square jaw,strong muscular build,big **** and my ability to please them in every way possible.Eatin em out.Gotta flick that bean to the point she about to explode im ecstacy then plunge deep inside hittin deep @ an angle that hits that g spot at the same pushin thaat cervix just enough and usin my finger on her cl.itoris till itswells and her back the same im controlling my stimulation.Waiting to when she **** both clitoral and vaginal ****** all @ once and thats when i explode deep inside her while we stare deep into each others eyes.Most of the time i *** so deep in her almost no *** drips @ she says she could feel a hot explosion deep inside her womb.******* so hard she wont let me move for like 5 minutes b/C of the sensitivity of her nerves & we just lay there.Her legs wrapped around me holding inside her.All of them have been beautiful dark skinned nubian queens that all i have impregnated.Somme come back just cause of the awesome erotic sexual experience,hell some while they pregnant with seed.Most do this because they find it so taboo.So many of these women have been cheated on by their black husbands,alot believe its in the black mans nature.So you see it goes both ways.Black women got to much pride and respect for themselves so they dont go blabbin bout it on the net.White women are to weak emotionally and

Good for you bi racial kids are so cute

Please add me. We share the same interests

i would love to hear those words from my wife.

I want my two handsome black cousins to breed me. They're tall and hung (I think 9 inches) and 19 years old. I want them so bad!

congrats sweetie...i'm 5 months with mine,,hubs didn't have the choice

love to hear this. I have 5 children, all resulting fr me being black bred. My white husband helps raising the kids. But I still want to continue being black bred, because its jst an absolute amazing feeling!Congrats

How come I cant seem to find women who think act and do like you in my town? Congrats:)

Getting black bred is sexy,but when a married white woman gets black bred,despite what hubby thinks? It doesn't get any hotter than that.;)

are you going to keep making him watch you have more black kids?


oh black bred that's the best news you can get from a white lady. I think all white ladies should hand out there kitties to those black *****.

All 3 of my kids have blk dads

your a hot wife my dear, would love to experience you intense relationship with your bull!

how were you seduced cuckwife? we'd love to hear how you became that bulls **** and did he seed you and get you pregnant on the first breeding? please tell us.

Great story Congratulations

Realy extreme story...How do you fill that your kid will have a black man for father?

Realy extreme story...How do you fill that your kid will have a black man for father?

Realy extreme story...How do you fill that your kid will have a black man for father?

can u post a few pics <br />
<br />
are u still seeing the father?

Way to go!

Thats the way a black **** **** should be. "IN CHARGE"

I also love the delicious irony of a woman exerting dominance over her wimp husband in order to fulfill her own submissiveness by not just giving her ***** to black **** for his pleasure in ruthless rape but her uterus to his seed for the breeding of a next generation ,,,of daughters to be used by blacks or sons to use other white men's daughters and wives.

Yeah baby you go girl

This is so erotic! Maybe one day I'd get to experience a ********.

wow if u went taken i would marry u

wow...<br />
<br />
A kinky little princess<br />
<br />
Seriously sexy ;P

this is the sexiest thing i have ever heard!

cuckwife,<br />
<br />
thanks for sharing and congratulations on getting pregnant! I gave birth to a half black baby about 4 months ago and i couldn't be happier. I need my men to be black and want to be bred again fairly soon!

i can't tell you how much i would love to help clean your *** filled *****. and i love the way you handled your whiteboy. i dream of having a "REAL" woman handle my ***** little white *** like that. he is sooooo lucky