My First Time

I am white Australian Woman who was seduced by a black man,waiting for a plane i met a Jamaican man who was the sexiest man i have ever seen he was mesmerizing to say the least,i was turned on just talking to him and he knew,we talked for hours waiting for our plane and with every word he undressed me,as he left he turned and kissed me his tongue was bigger than my husbands **** and it tasted woooooow,he whispered meet me for dinner the next night all i could do was nod and say yes yes yes.

The next day i had had my meetings and went of to get a massage and wax.I went to the hotel he was in and sat at the bar,he came up behind me and kissed my neck and i was gone!!!!!

He just aked one question dinner or sex !!!!!!

In his room he kissed me and ran his tounge all around my neck and his hands were exploring my *** i could feel his huge lump grinding into my crouch,he unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor all i had on was my suspender and stockings i was taken to the couch where he sat me down and opened my legs and started to kiss my thighs and eventually shoved his huge tongue into me i was licked in places i never knew i had,he came up for air and shoved it into my mouth and then went down to my nipples which were growing longer by the second.

He stopped and i udid his trousers to release the biggest and thickest **** i have ever seen he asked me to suck it but all i could do was lick his head and taste his pre ***,he asked would i like a load as he said he could have multple ******* so i sucked his balls and he goaned and then said now drink my first load,i positioned myself at his **** whole and opened my mouth to resieve his first shot wow it kept comming i was covered,when he finished he said shame you husband is not here he could have cleaned you up,i was so turned on by that i just said he will be next time we meet.
He never got soft it staied hard and he then turned me around on all fours shoved his fingers into my wet fanny and said are you ready for my black ****,give it to me i said and with that i felt my fanny being streched at first it was pain then it turned into pleasure slowlly he pushed moor and moor in until he was all in and he then ponded me until he blew again and agian.

That was my first time
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

Wow - sounds like an incredible evening