Next Time With Lover And Hubby Watching

After the session in Singapore i needed moor when i got home i had to tell hubby as my fanny was so open,he was cross at first but he then asked me what happened and wanted all the details.
We fantasized in bed and he bourght a large black ***** which he loved ******* me with it was good but not the same as the real thing.
Some time later i got a text saying he was coming back to Australia and can we meet,i told hubby and he was very exited and said go so i text back and arranged to meet.
Hubby drove me to the Hotel and i must say he dressed me and i felt hot no underwear just my stockings and a very shear cocktail dress,hair up in a bun and 6inch heels.
I sugested he come and see my black lover as he was there anyway sit in a corner and the bar i was sitting with legs crossed when he walked in i could feel his presence and he came over kissed my neck and kissed me with all his mite that tongue was in my mouth again and my nipples were growing so was my fanny tingling he was so pleased to see me and so was i.
He asked if i had missed his black **** i must have been blushing as he sqeezed me and said i have lots moor for you.
We sat in booth and acted like teens he just knew how to get me hot to trot,he asked if i had told my hubby i went red and said yes, he was cross at first but now he incourages me to meet you,like tonight,he asked would he like to join and watch as i have a suprise if you are keen,what suprise i said ,he said i could have three black men if i was game i think when he said that i just said **** yes yes,
I phoned hubby and asked if he was interested he jumped at the chance and as he was only short distance away he was there in a shot,the two men met and talked for a while then we went off to his room.
I met two other blck men and we all had a laugh and couple of drinks i was soon naked and hubby was told to sit and watch and dont move until told i was dancing with one then i turned and found that the other two had ******** naked and sat on the couch i was led to the middle and sat between them that is when they started to devour me,i looked over to hubby he was also naked wanking his white ****,i went back to my black skinned men my body was on fire and i had three ***** to play with very thick and long ***** i did things like rimm there ***** demand they **** me and asked for as much *** as they could produce,i was treated like **** and i was loving it.
The suprise was being double ****** at one stage i had a **** in my *** fanny and mouth then they unloaded in all holes and then told hubby to come and clean me up with his mouth he then had to clean there ***** and when finished told to go and sit down as they were going to do me again.
Next time they came i was with another white woman but thats another story.
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what a sexy story. i am so hard and hungery right now!!!!!!!!

amen! thank god for black men and black *****

How sexy, I love it !