My **** Wife

i have been with my wife now 8 yrs n were very much in love .. i always knew from the minute i meet her that she was into big black ****.. and i like her to have big back **** as i know she respects me i am her master .. we both enjoy the thrill ... we enjoy clubbing as so sexy she wears something very sexy to show of her hot body n huge boobs .. no underwear her *** is just too good not to b seen but thats for my **** only ..when she enters a club mm r instantly drawn to her .. she always get lots of attention ..she like to dance round .. casually rubbing her body against there ***** to c how hard she make them .. n how big they r .. if there any smaller than 8 " then its a no go .. she like big **** only n bigger than myself ,, she teases them lots there begging her to bend over so they can **** her ,, she gets very excited ..;she can feel her ***** aching for big **** ,, she then lifts up her dress still on the dancefloor ,,, ready for the **** of 9 " to slide in 2 her ***** .. it hard n thick ,, mmmm ,,, i can tell by her eyes how much she enjoying his big **** .. she know been touched up by another male who so desperatly want to **** her too.. she knows she goin to get ruined tonite by lots of **** ... she defo a **** lovin **** ... she likes it deep n hard she like to squirt on them ,,,, its intense .... men r now surroudin her to **** her ***** n fill her with creamy pie ... she has her choice ., so now she see who has the biggest **** ... cos thats y we there.. she knows that im very aroused to c my sexy wife getting ****** by bigger ***** than mine .,. she knows it turning me on ,, my ***** now rock hard i cnt wait til i get my turn ... always last ,, my i need to c my wife satisfied ,, so that i can finish her off ... she now found a young man with a 12 " **** ... i can c them commin over towards me ,,, she knows she goin to b ****** really hard as she deserves it ..
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Jan 18, 2013