Quite Young

I was still in high school, going home by bus. Standng room only. everybody squeezed together. Something against my back felt different and when I reached back to feel what it was I realized I had hold, through pants, of a hard ****. Yes, I was young, but not so young I wouldn't know the feel of a ****. Anyway I squeezed it a bit when it was withdrawn and replaced without the pants being in the way. That bus was so crowded the guy could actually get his ***** out without anybody but me knowing. It was fun fondling a **** without even being able to see its owner but, alas, I had to get off the bus. I shoved my way through a few people, got off and had only walked a few steps when someone brazenly, right in the open, grabbed my ***. I turned to see a nice looking guy, probably 10 years older than I, and black. I angryly started to scold him when he said that i'd been giving him a nice hand job for the last ten minutes and he'd like to take me home and thank me. I didn't want to seem raceist, so I agreed. we went into his nice little house and he introduced to his wife!!! Boy, was I surprised. He told his wife that I had acted like all those white girls, always wanted a black mans *****, had grabbed his even in a crowded bus, so he had brought her home for the two of them to use me. He asked his wife what she would like. She asked her husband if he minded waiting on my ***** till she tasted it. He didn't mind waiting, he'd have me suck his ****. Later he could **** me. He said I was a white girl, so I'd enjoy it. He was right, and I did.
helene helene
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wow , what a hot sexy story ... looking forward to reading more of those from you...sd

I got my first black **** in high school too. And yup, I loved it...still love it


oh what a great story. tell me some more of you sexual experiences.

i'd love to hear more about how you were seduced by both of them and what they did to you...and what you're doing now!

nice story

Delightful story...Thank you

very nice. im glad you got what probly most women only can dream of doing. <br />
dam your story got my **** hard. id would of loved to use a hot young girl like you. <br />
thanks for sharing

I agree with ward, the world would be a better place if there were more woman such as yourself.<br />
<br />

loved your story. and i loved the comment from funseeeekrr<br />
<br />
i am a white man. i was forced the first time and have loved black **** ever since

I am a white man but I wish you would be on my bus..NICE STORY. Lucky guy

Oh, that is kind of ... erotic. Crowded together on a bus. People mooshed together. Hands straying. I think I might like that. I think I might like that a lot.

I would love more details of the actual sex. Your story is great so far.

Very nice and enticing story you have written, Helene. I would like to **** a black woman and taste her curly ***** hair. I'm not a racist, either - it would just be exciting - the touch, the taste and smell!