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Helping My Friend Go Black

I wanted to share this story because it happened recently and is really hot. This is a story about my friend Savannah. So a little background on Savannah she was born and raised in Alabama. She's really your typical southern girl.

So our story starts out when I first met Savannah when she came to Ohio for college. We met at our dorm and pretty much hit it off. She was glad she found a friend that easy. A few days later I was hanging out with a black guy friend of mine and we passed Savannah in the hall and I asked if she wanted to hangout with us. She said she was busy. Then for a week she didn't answer my calls, or texts, and she didn't call back. So I went to her dorm room and asked her what the hell was up. She kind of danced around the answer and I called her out on her BS. She finally answered that she didn't want to hangout with me because I was friends with and dated black guys. I was taken back but I should have figured with her being from Alabama. I replied wow and said "I can't believe you could be so evil" and I left.

So a few days later Savannah showed up and I didn't really want to talk to her but I did anyway. She wanted to apologize for being mean to me but she still didn't like black people. I kind of got mad at her and asked her how the hell did she get that mentality. She replied that was just the way she was raised. I told her black people were just like her or me and I asked her if she ever actually hung out with a black person. She said she never had. I told her I was going to invite a black friend of mine over and I wanted her to stay so she could see they were human just like her. She reluctantly agreed. She was shy at first but then she and my friend Ty were chatting away like friends. We invited some of Ty's black friends over and had a fun time watching the football games. The next day Savannah came over and said she was wrong about black people and she couldn't believe how she's always treated them. So me and Savannah were friends once again. Ever since then she has been totally cool with black people. Her lab partner in one of her classes was a black girl and they became good friends.

So a few months ago my girlfriend and I were trying to hook up with these 2 black guys but that had a friend. So I tried to see if Savannah wanted to get her first taste of BBC. She freaked out and said that she doesn't have a problem with black people anymore but there was no was she was going to have sex with one. I tried to convince her but it was a no go. She was very stubborn. So over the next couple of months I've been trying to get her to loosen up and try it. Then two weeks ago we were watching game 7 of the NBA finals. I asked her "Don't any of these hot black guys appeal to you?" She said she could never do a black guy and that her parents would kill her. She admitted that her parents are members of the kkk. It hit me that the only reason she wouldn't try it was because of her parents. So then I asked her if she wanted to have sex with a black guy. She replied yes in a soft voice. I told her to forget her parents and family and do what she wanted to do. She as adamant that she couldn't do it even though she wanted to. So then on Monday before July 4th she admitted that she wanted to have sex with a black guy and that she didn't care what her racist parents thought. My girlfriend, my sister, and I had arranged a ******** to celebrate the 4th so I invited Savannah and she squealed in joy.

So it was 1am on Tuesday night, well Wednesday by that point when Savannah showed up at my apartment. She was dressed kind of slutty and she said she couldn't wait until Thursday. She said she needed to get her first black **** then and if I wasn't going to help she would go find a black guy herself. I didn't want her to get in trouble. So I had her come in. I had her change out of her jeans and into a sexy leather mini skirt of mine. I told her to ditch her panties and bra as she wouldn't need them and told her that her tank top would work. I threw on my tight leather pants and my "swallows" t-shirt and quickly put some make-up on Savannah. I then picked out a pair of my 6 inch heels for both of us. Then we walked down the road to a bar frequented by black guys that I like to go to. Savannah couldn't believe some of the looks she got. So we ended up walking in at 2:15 in the morning just before closing time. There were two black guys in the bar and the bartender. I asked Savannah which one she thought was hot and then I went up to the other one and I asked him if he wanted to go out side and get a *******. So we headed outside and as we passed Savannah I told her to go have some fun.

So when I walked back into the bar after blowing my guy, Savannah and the other guy had disappeared. I was worried about her but I didn't think I noticed anyone leaving while I was with the other guy. I had to make a quick stop in the bathroom to make sure my make-up was ok before I went looking for Savannah. When I opened the door there was Savannah sucking the other guy. I could not believe how hot Savannah looked with a BBC in her mouth. I stood there watching her a few minutes before he came in her mouth. I then closed the door except for a crack because I didn't want Savannah to see me watching her. He then had her bend over with her hands on the sink and then her lined up behind her to pop her BBC cherry. I remember watching her face in the mirror as he pushed his **** into her ***** and her eyes rolled back and she started moaning. I then figured I better distract the bartender. He asked me what the hell was going on. Since he was a cute black guy I asked him if I could persuade him to let my friend get screwed in the bathroom for a *******. So I got down on my knees and started going to town on him. After a minute I heard Savannah yell "I love Black ****" loud enough for the whole bar to hear. It's a shame the bar was empty or she could have got more of it. As I was getting the bartender to *** I heard Savannah screaming stuff I couldn't make out. Then a minute later Savannah came out of the bathroom with messed up hair and make-up all giddy and bubble and she ran up and hugged me. The guy walked out and paid his tab and left. I fixed Savannah's make-up and we walked home as she told me how the was by far the best sex she had ever had an how great black guys must be and she was never going back to white guys. Then on the 4th Savannah joined my girlfriend, my sister, and I as we had a ******** with 10 BBC's and she loved every minute of it. She told me later that night that she went back to the bar on the 3rd and she blew 2 black guys and hooked up with 2 others. She blew one in his SUV and other in the ally outside. She hooked up with one in the bathroom again, and the other she went home with.

I couldn't believe it the daughter of kkk members and someone that herself was a racist when I met her was a Black **** **** now and I helped her become one. I so wish I could see how her parents would react if they saw what she did that night and the days later.
Maddisin10 Maddisin10 22-25, F 13 Responses Jul 11, 2013

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On a reverse note. I am white, from southern AL, and I love having sex with black women. But not They are so much better at it than white women I have found. And I have ALOT of experience with white women. Also Latino women are better at sex than white women as well. And I have also had sex with other races but those are the two that stand out. When you fu** a black or latino woman, they fu** you back. Big difference. So as you white females can see it does work both ways. : ) Also I have had MANY black females tell me that the average black man does not have a BBC. That is just a stereo type. Just my 2 cents.


You will all end up black **** **** eventually. And I am so thankful for that.

Although I have no issue with interracial relationships and people's personal preferences. But how exactly is perpetuating racial stereotypes based on sex any less racist? The whole BBC thing can be traced straight back to the **** industry cashing in on the black exploitation films of the 70s much like the industry parodies blockbusters now. Furthermore that stereotype has even further roots back to movies like A birth of a nation. The whole reason why it was taboo that nobody likes to talk about anymore is because the the blonde (symbol of the pure white woman) was debasing herself by sleeping with someone who was in that context considered subhuman and animalistic. Having personal preferences is great but perpetuating such nonsense that reduces black men to ****** with a pulse and assumes all other races are inferior sexually is no less racist then what the KKK espouses. In fact it is worse in some ways because it is considered "harmless".

I love this story really sexy

Such a hot story!

There is nothing sexier than a girl getting well and truely stuffed from every angle. I wonder if i would even be fealt by you and your friends if we were to ****.

Now I want to rent a BBC :-)

You are a true friend. Helping her get-over her black-white taboo is fantastic. More women should discover the contrast of Big Black in a small white, and the stamina and the domination that simply makes us, the white women wicked and sexy and hungry for more blacking.

Thank You. I agree more women should know what they are missing.

My wife needs a friend like you. Thanks for sharing

Thank You. I hope you wife eventually finds that friend.

The only thing better than a white girl who ***** black men is one that also recruits her girlfriends to open their legs to the Africans. Eventually the majority of white females will be sexually involved w black men because that penis feels really good

That it does. I've helped about 10 friends give black men a shot including my girlfriend, and my former psych professor.

Nice going. I see Black gentlemen at dance clubs & they are so cool & confident because know they are going get some. More often than not its the white girls that go right up to them & start bumping & grinding. These girls - they feel what they feel, it's nature, it's biology, there is no other explanation

That was a hot story

You are truely a great friend! I'm glad to see Savannah figured it out. She should hook up with a white guy so he can support her while she gets her BBC too.