I went to this celeb meet and greet thing and it was for home and away. Anyway samara weaving who plays indie was there and I talked to her for abit. And towards the end I went to the bathroom and went into a stall, it had no lock so I had to hold it. I heard someone come into the bathroom and they went to open the door. I tried my hardest to keep it closed but they opened it. I looked up and it was samara weaving. I covered my penis up but she kissed me and moved my hands. She gave me and ******* for abit and then I sat on the toilet and she took her pants off and sat on my **** we had sex for a while and then she gave me her number and said to call her as she was walking out of the stall she bent down and I slaped her ***. Then we kissed and then we both left. I am going to call her soon. Message me if you want to see pics of her naked.
Ladiesman93 Ladiesman93
26-30, M
Apr 16, 2014