One Of The Best.

I had a 3 year affair with a co worker. We worked in the same office and sat opposite each other. She was Newley married and I was nearing divorce.
We got on straight away and in time started flirting with each other. One evening nearing time to leave work she commented on the need to buy some new stockings as she had laddered one.
I responded "oh you wear stockings do you" and we went on to talk about the fact that she always wore stockings, never wore a bra and she always preferred French cut panties.
She had a wicked smile on her face all the time.
I had a hardon but had to leave to go home. I got up trying to sheild myself but she was looking directly at my crotch. She giggled and said "you like stockings then"
I let her see the full extent of the bulge in my trousers and she cooed.
With that we both broadly smiled at each other and I left for the day.

I went home quite flustered with precum oozing in my pants.

That was the start of a torrid relationship.
I started giving her lifts home and we started sexual relations. We always had to be descreet and work around her husbands schedule.
We mainly sexed in the Car, but We had to attend a works conference and eventually spent a couple of nights together in a hotel and enjoyed each other fully.

I will never forget her. She was a very sensual and sexy lady. One of the best.
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Wow sounds passionate , hope her husband never found out !

I'm sure he suspected something was going on but he never broached the subject. ;)

Take your opportunities if they are handed to you on a plate Burn1.<br />
It starts to get complicated if you let feelings get involved.<br />
Once you do you must be prepared to get hurt or hurt others.<br />
Discretion is vital.

Well said! Discretion and don't hurt anyone.

She sounds like she was a lot of fun.

That is exactly what I see myself falling into sooner or later. I have had multiple chances to make that jump but never have. At one point I had a coworker in a hotel 12 hours away from home and things were getting pretty intense but I actually stopped HER... I did not know her that well and knew she was married but she was all into me. She later told me that she had been having an affair with another married man for years so this was not to big of a deal for her. There are a few others that there is deffinate flirting going on and sexual tension from both parties but so far no intimate contact...

She was great fun BB. I knew her hubby and he did suspect things so we had to cool it once and a while. Happy days. I have met someone similar to her and I'm smitten with her. I'm sure you would love her.

Roxanna, you were a horny little guy when you were young, weren't you.. Glad you didn't get caught by her hubby.. Thanks for posting.. Sounds like she was lot of fun..