It Was A Sweet Fling, Too

I was in college doing a semester working for a company in my field (we called it co-op), living several states away from home (in the DC area). You had all these college-age kids making decent money, partying all weekend for weeks. It was great fun.

We had a standing party every Thursday night at a different person's apartment, and one Thursday it was someone in my apartment complex. At the party I met a girl, a fellow co-op from another state. We hit it off, got really really drunk and ended up at her place (also in the same complex). For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to make spaghetti... don't you love how the drunk mind works? So we did, making a huge ******* mess...

We ended up in her bed very late (early) and pretty much passed out. Very romantic so far, right?

The next morning I woke up next to her with a raging hard on, and we had mind blowing morning sex. I was like a marathon runner...

We both called in sick and layed in bed all morning. Later we drove into DC and bummed around the Smithsonian all afternoon at the museums. She confessed she had a "thing" for the Washington monument, so I bought her a replica.

We went back to her place and had more sex -- probably 5-6 times in a 12 hour period.

The next day I caught unholy HELL from my co-workers, all of whom saw us leave together. They all put it together when we both called in sick. We didn't work in the same department, and somehow her department didn't get wind of it, but I got pranked all day long.

But we dated (and slept together) the rest of that semester, frequently meeting at one of our apartments at lunch time. My colleagues forever referred to her as my "Nooner". My old buddies still refer to her....

When the time came to part, she gave me a very cool James Dean framed print from the set of Giant. It hangs in my office to this day, and my wife will NEVER be told about who gave it to me.

Ah, good times.....
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Jul 27, 2010