******* From Big Boob Coworker

After many years of lusting after a beautiful girl who i met at my new job, my dream finally came true at a company event. I was briefly introduced to this girl on my first day of work. She didn't give me the time of day but i was smitten by her - she was very exotic looking - asian with a petite body but really big boobs (D cup i later learned) which she didn't hide and that also instantly attracted me to her, as i am a boob guy. We became close after being assigned a project together. She was very open about her boobs and how guys stared at her. She refused to cover them even though they were a distraction - her nipples were very sensitive and sometimes bulging out of her shirt. She knew I loved them and would wear tight white tshirts to work and sometimes ask me if her nipples were too hard to go to meetings. I would say no, but would have to hide my erections and go to the restroom to jerk off.

On to the event...we were alone after a long night spent with coworkers. She was quite drunk - I'm not a drinker so I was taking her back to her room. She invited me in and that's when my dream came true. She took off her clothes and off came the bra. I almost had an ****** right then and there. She then told me that she knew I was always staring at her breasts and that she saw the bulge in my pants at some of our meetings. She told me to suck her nipples. She said she would not tell my girlfriend so I thought since this would never happen again, I went for it. They were the largest breasts I had ever seen and I sucked them and licked them. I think she orgasmed just from the sucking. After a few minutes of sucking she told me to drop my pants, which I did. She grabbed my (hard) **** which was already dripping and staring ******* me off. She told me it wasn't as big as she thought it would be (which  hurt my pride, but not enough to tell her to stop). She then promised she could take it all in her mouth. She couldn't, but gave me a fantastic *******. I didn't last very long but blew a huge load of *** into her mouth. She swallowed it all and even cleaned up what was left on my ****. 

This happened about 5 years ago and I still remember it vividly and am stroking myself while I write this.a
Paulbernard Paulbernard
22-25, M
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So that was 5 years agos,did you have any more sex with her .You had a good time with that sexy asian coworker.I have a asian coworker that is very patiee and i wouldn't mind having sex with her.