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Some years ago I took a part time job at a call center while going to college. I will at this. Call centers are nasty, disgusting places and the people working there are typically horrible human beings.

However, there are a lot I good looking ***** working there many of which are single mothers. Any way there were a few women there that showed interest in me that we're fairly decent to look at, but all of them expected me to take them out on dates. I didnt and still don't have time for that **** if I don't feel there's a long term opportunity and not a single one of these women, no matter how hot some of them were, could possibly be worth more than a value meal at Burger King no added cheese.

Anyway there was one red head that always approached me during lunch, breaks, walk next to me when I would leave for the day. Pretty much making it clear she wanted me. Thing is I had seen the pictures in her cubicle. Pictures of a redneck wedding, a small child, lots of pictures of various outdoor activities. You know he type this was a country girl through and through. My concern at the time was school and making enough money to get by and that meant not losing this job over an HR issue.

Any way after the spring term ended I went to full time to save up money for when I had to go back to college in the fall. There was even overtime offered on Saturdays. I jumped on it.

It was on one of these Saturdays that it started with this girl. I'll call her Danni for the purposes of this story.

I got to work at around 7:30 I always got to work early because it gave me a break from my obnoxious roommates and some quiet time in my car to read. I found a spot under a tree to give it shade for later and just tried to catch up on my book. Any way I was distracted from my book by the sound of a ridiculously loud engine. When I looked up it was what I consider a joke truck. Huge tires, jacked up like a monster truck mud all over it and obvious evidence of drunk driving. You know what I'm talking about.

It pulled up to the entrance and I saw Danni climb out of the passenger side and go stand by the entrance. Her husband turned the truck around and roared out of the parking lot. It was a pathetic sight. I had a good reason to be there early. My money was her husband was going to go fishing or some other stereotypical activity and here she is working overtime. I honked twice and waved her over. Even though it wasn't even 8am yet I knew how his it was and anyone that has been to Florida can confirm this.

She smiled and hurried over and climbed in my car. She thanked me. We small talked for a while, but I had a hard time not staring at her **** they were easily Ds. I was actually pretty hard from looking at her **** and watching her lips move. They were pretty full for a white girl. She wasn't shy at all. She asked me if I liked her **** I told her I did. She grabbed my hand and put it right on her chest and then put her hand right back on my crotch. She told me she knew I was hung. I looked at the dash clock and saw we still had 20 minutes before going into the building, but my concern were other people showing up and parking too close.

She asked me if I wanted head. How could I say no? She was a pro. She even worked around the stick shift. Her head bobbing up and down her wavy red hair bouncing. It didn't take long for her to make me ***. She swallowed every drop. She thanked me for giving her a better start of the day. I thanked her for making me *** and actually finishing.

She told me she was going to catch a ride home with one of her friends that day, but would have to wait 3 hours for her friend to get off her shift. I told her if she wanted I could give her a ride and that way we have at least three hours to kill before her husband expects her home. Oh by the way he was hog hunting. She agreed it was a good idea. That next 4 hours were torture. At 12 we both clocked out and walked to my car. The parking lot was full, but she didn't care she was practically leading me by my ****. As soon as we got in the car I put the AC on blast and before I could even remove the E brake she was unzipping my pants and pulling my **** out to suck it.

Road head is nice, but it's very hard to enjoy when you have manual transmission. Anyway by the time we got to my house we were both so frustrated. We walked into my place walked right through the living room. I didn't even greet my stoner roommates. I slammed the door behind us and I pushed her down to her knees. She pulled my **** out and started to suck me off almost violently. She was even gagging in her attempts to deep throat me. I. Finally told her to stop and take off her clothes. She was nicely thick and her ***** was shaved. Her **** were so big there was some sag to them, but still hot and her nipples were so thick and pink.

She moved to the bed and lay back spreading her legs begging me to **** her, but I shook my head. It is a rare thing for me to not eat ***** no matter how much I want to ****. I dove in face first. Sucking her **** and making sure to lick those ***** lips was my priority. I ate her until she came so hard she was convulsing and had tears in her eyes. He kept telling me how her husband never did that for her. To this day I don't understand how a man doesn't eat *****.

I crawled up and positioned myself between her legs and slid my head up and down between her lips feeling how hot and wet she was for me. She finally just told me, no, demanded I **** her. I slammed into her all the way and she part yelped and gasped when I hit bottom. She put her hands on my chest and asked me to stop so she could adjust. I did, but I made sure every time she started relaxing I made my **** jump inside of her.

She eventually told me I could start ******* her. I did and I didn't take it easy on her. I pounded into her. Made sure to suck on her **** and every time I felt like I as going to *** I pulled out and sucked on her ***** some more. She was losing it. I even made sure to eat her *** and once again I found another woman in which this was her first.

After alternating between ******* and eating her I asked her if she was on the pill because I didn't think I could hold it any longer and she told me she wasn't. I asked her where she wanted my *** and she said inside of her because she knows her cycle and she wasn't fertile at the time. That was all I needed to hear. I increased my pace until I could feel her ******* again and then I let lose inside of her. Since we had been ******* for so long it honestly felt like I wasn't going to stop *******. When I finally pulled out of her my *** actually spilled out of her. She started fingering herself and eating my *** from her fingers.

We ****** two more times his time I didn't try to hold back. The lat time she took my *** in her mouth in read of her *****. We agreed to be **** buddies as much as possible, but she needed to get on the pill. She eventually divorced her *** of a husband and found another guy to be in a relationship in around the same time I was getting to know my future wife.

By the time we ended our thing I he gotten her to really love ******* every way. She even began to love anal after a few false starts. It got to he point where she was asking for anal rather than me nudging her that direction.

Good times.
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yr like an ir superstar lol...if it was me id wanna suck u off rite after u *** up my *** just 2 show u how dirty u can treat me =)

You are one lucky man, these chicks at my job ain't even cute all of them ugly lol, but I would kill to have a experience like that awesome story man.

Sounds like a sweet red head head. So have you ever thought of looking her up and having as a FB

I would but it is too much hassle to juggle that life style with the responsibility I have now.

Married life can do that man. But their always remember juggles some times can juggle three things at once maybe up to four things. You can still look her up and have as a friend.IF she wants to try to get into your pants that's her business.