The Cook

so i had be really dying for a new ****.and i had been curious about one of the cooks at work before and thought i would give it a was by chance, i happened to be getting out early that night and sent him a text to see if he wanted to grab a beer when i got out.he said we texted back and forth the rest of my shift and kinda flirting too.before i met up with him he knew what my intention were and he was very we skipped the beer and found somewhere to go soon as the engine was off he was right at stripping down.he was an amazing kisser and ****** so well. he took me in the passenger side with the seat back.i cant wait til we have more time and can really explore each other.i am sure that mouth of his is very talented.and he wants to take me in the back room at work sometime too!
heavenlyheather03 heavenlyheather03
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I've heard of women being taken in the *** and such but I've never heard one say "he took me in the passengerside" before is that a good way to take a woman?