You Know It Was Just A Weak Moment.

I was a junior in college and a few days a week I worked at this burger joint. Well we closed the store at 2:00 am after clean up. for security we would follow the manager to the bank and he would deposit the money. There was this high school boy who washed dishes . He was treated not so well by most people because he different. He talked about sci-fi and Star Trek and stuff. I thought he was cute and nice. Well one day I watched as he was cleaning the grill he was looking up a girls skirt as she was cleaning the hood. I could tell he was excited as he started talking faster. So the next day I worked with him, I cleaned the hood making sure he got a good view of my lacy panties. Then after the last customer was gone I started removing my bra and opening one more button on my blouse. Well the one assistant manager started to remove hers as well. This High school boy was all eyes and we enjoyed the attention. This manager and I teased this young boy just a little , and it was fun. Once we were stocking high shelves and the manager had the boy hold the ladder under me as she tossed me paper goods. I had my skirt hiked up some and I had taken my panties off earlier. I could see his reflection on the chrome Ice machine . He was overheating! My manager couldn't keep a straight face as she tossed me paper cups and plates. He had the biggest woody tenting his pants. The manager announced she had a bigger count than normal in the office she needed at least 1 1/2 hours . Well it was only midnight and we were finished so we went to our little break room. He was red faced and facing the wall as his woody was still out of control. I broke the Ice and said you were looking up my skirt weren't you. Oh sh** he said. I think your kind of cute I said and soon I had him taking off my top and fondling me. He was a virgin , but he figured it out on the break room table. I high five'd the manager when she came out. I wish I could of taken him home but I was renting from an old couple who didn't want male visitors in my room. He was a different boy and you could see a new confidence in him. We used that break room table a few more times before he got another job.

To be young agin.
Mary Martha Zetta
Marymarthazetta Marymarthazetta
56-60, F
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loved to have worked with you

Those were the days

Hahaha this is fantastic. I like how you weren't overly sexual, it had this air of innocence in it which I liked lol.

Thanks . I was not innocent at all.

My first was an older girl. She had her way with me and what a night it was. Its a wonderful thing you did for that young man. You know its not too late to help a few more. The experience of an older woman can work wonders for bringing the guy years ahead sexually.

Ah yes, the strength and enthusiasms of youth...often wasted on the young

Sounds like you made his day, and SO much more! Nice story, thanks.