Sex With A Filipina

I am a black man who has had sex with a filipina and it was heavenly. She had what I recently discovered is called great muscle control of her vagina. The relationship did not last since I was already married and it had some serious side effects to my relationship with my wife. The fact is after I came her ***** would work its magic on my penis and I would become hard again. So the sex would be long and intense. I regret not staying in touch with her but I felt the temptation to have sex with her would be to strong. Over the years my relationship with my wife has soured and I often think about the great sex I had with my filipina girl friend. She was abandoned by her filipino husband and had to raise her children all by herself so somehow she ended up in Saudi Arabia. After that she came to Canada where she stayed with her sister and her sister's lesbian room mate who was also a filipina. I guess if the story was to have a great fantastic ending I probably would have ended ******* all three girls.
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My wife too. She can clamp down on my **** and work it from the inside.<br />
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My wife is Filipina. I concur with the vagina control. It's awesome. Glad you got to experience that.