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I've had 4 gay incubus encounters with the same incubus my first encounter was when I was 17 I was on vacation on my family yacht near Africa with just me and my friends it was about 3am I was the only one awake on the yacht I was walking down the hallway to the kitchen when everything went black I woke up in what looked like a jungle but in a cave the cave was lit with a Erie red light. I herd a deep voice I looked up and saw horrifying creature who resembled a man my age he had black hair curvy horns black wings litley tan skin and his chest was bare he had magnificent 6 pack abs he was extremely muscular and a tail with a point like a dragon tail and wore torn up Latex shorts I tried to move but he tail wraped around my leg and I feel on my back he neeled next to me and kissed me after that he rubbed his hand along my back he smacked and squeezed my *** he said "do as I tell you and get on your hands and knees with your *** in the air" so I did as he said. He than wraped his tail around my leg even tighter and put his hands on my hip and from her he rammed his 2 and a half foot long penis in my *** it was by far the most painful and unimaginable sexurall plesure I've ever had he would go slow and than faster than slower and repeted again and again until he ********** 4 quarts of a burning ***** inside my *** it felt so good. He pulled out and fliped me on my back his **** started dripping out of my *** hole. He said in a booming "that's a good mortal I think you like it" he was right I loved he than bent down and started licking and sucking my penis which was about 12 inches long but was still dwarfed by his he continued sucking until I ********** about 2 quarts of **** into his mouth he swallowed it all he than laid next to me and whispered in my ear "your my plesure boy now and I will eventually kill you and drain your soul a make you an incubus and you and me will be together for all eternity". Everything went black I woke up in my bed and felt extremely weak I thought about what he said it was true for I had three more encounters with him during my last encounter he said I had one more time with him before he drained my life and makes me an incubus and honestly I don't care if he kills me and these encounters have made me gay so I don't care about having gay sex with the incubus known as Dante.
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i had that same experience only i was awake it felt good the incubus would take off my cloths and underware and massage my penis and tickle it and play with it and suck it i loved it.

This is completely false. I have had several experiences with an incubus and it is not like this at all. They do exist by the way (and my big mistake was thinking that they didn't) but you need to be REALLY careful if you start messing with them. The sex is unbelievable (I nearly said out of this world)!!! It would be nice to hear from other people with genuine stories as it is a comfort and support to those who are going through it.

Man! I wanna be an Incubus too :P

damn that story got me all hard

Sounds like hes pretty good made me hot!!!!

What a load if bull, not only do these mythical creatures exist but it is physically impossible to have something that big to fit up there... Also I doubt you have a penis that is 12 inches. If this story is true then let this incubus come down and show me so...

I know it's a good story... Fecking hawt... But unfortunately false :(

You have that incubus's number?