I Love My Dolls

I’m single and have been using adult nappies and plastic pants for 11 years.
My only means of sex was to ********** over **** and use phone sex.
One day I was using a magazine and sore an ad for a sex doll that got me interested because this doll
Could give a hand job yes it’s the perfect 10 doll.
As recommended by the ad I ordered sum lube. I already had a big box of condoms for ************.
5 days later it arrived, I was so excited I had a full erection as I opened it and got her ready.
I put on a condom and put her hand on my very hard erection, I *** instantly.
3 years on and I have 6 dolls and use one every night in bed
And yes I do dress them in bra and pants stockings and baby doll nightie.
johnbk johnbk
51-55, M
Jan 10, 2013