Best Sex Every

I have had sex with guys over 50 years of age on a regular basis and find them to be very good.

The mature guys know how to treat a lady or **** in my case and normally enjoy lots of foreplay before the main course commences.

Most are able to control the pace of their ****** so I am able to ****** before them . Lots of young guys just come too quick which leaves me in limbo.

Go the older gentleman

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Men like us were built to last! Nothing against the younger team that push hard,burn their candles at both ends....and blow out in the slightest of erotic breezes!
We were weaned on the best of music,so we have the groove,we know the melodies,all the best steps....and can make sweet music with a woman's body,play her like a violin and make her sing well into the night like a nightingale!
The most important thing is what you mentioned,we have the good manners as to open doors,wait for you to start eating before we pick up our cutlery,ask you what you'd like to eat before ordering our meal,hold your coat for you to slip into,let you in the car before walking round and getting in it's normal that we wait for you to *** first before embarking on our final ascension to the heavens.....I personally promote 'Simultaneous *******'...yes! it is possible to *** together! And when that happens,the heavens open,the stars fly around the room and all this with little use of drugs,viagra,alcohol....or other substances,we drive using good music,poetic words,soft caresses.....literate references,planned evenings that don't go wrong,we don't answer our cell phones during the meal nor after sex....we hold you on the highest pedestal we can build.......we call you the day after the night before.....and finally,we slide into the 'Wet Patch' without any complaints!!!

Yes we're the best thing since sliced bread,I quite agree dear Vanessa!

It's a shame other women don't take up your advice and smother us with attention,start a new fashion and get the men of 'Wisdom' back between all those millions of pairs of soft feminine legs that are being thrown apart and splayed to no avail....we are the 'Gladiators of Life'!

Well, not stating i am the stated representative - but for us mature guys.. Thanks! we enjoy using years of experience to see a woman pleased..

I do love testimonials!

Thanks for that, us 50+ guys sometimes feel left out in the cold, because we're not a fossil just yet, but we're not 30 anymore either. Speaking for myself, everything still works very well, almost too well since I can't her to touch it, let alone look at it. So I'm stuck here jackin' off to Vanessa's

Wanna try a 60 yr old man?

I have to rate up this story even though I'm not 50 yet :)

You rock!

Almost 50, but yes , us experienced men know to treat a lady **** in and out of bed ! i always make sure my lady **** and sums before i do ! cheers to you sexy !

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Older might lack the stamina to do it over and over like young rabbits (although Viagra might give them a heart attack and make them due in the most beautiful way :)) but they truly provide the caring experience that makes a woman's heart open... When that is achieved, her ****** can only be a few pokes of the old skin away ;-).

Lol I'm neither old or old and therefore not particularly speaking for myself, "dude". ;)

Well I sure wonder who peed in your cornflakes today so that you'd be so belligerent.

It would have helped if you had explained what your "not true" applies to.

No worry Vanessa, he's blocked me so as not to see my comments. Let's move on, I could use a massage about now ;-)

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I'd love the opportunity

It takes me a while to come,I'm 39. I prefer the woman come more then me. Its more sexy that way..