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I live away from any Marine base but once, I went on vacation to San Diego, CA, and without knowing it, a turnover was happening - plane loads of Marines were coming back from Afghanistan and plane loads of Marines have replaced them over there. These Marines had to debrief for several days before they could get out of the base . . . I found this information out through being with them later.

I am blonde, blue-eyed, 5' 4" height with a tight physic (I do Yoga and Pilates). Where I live, I go to school part-time and work part-time. Men hit on me all the time, but they never interested me. In fact, I have to say that I found them boring. Nomatter how gorgeous the men were, they just did not interest me. I had buried my nose in my books because those interested me more, That was not the case in Pendleton. The USMC quickly changed me. It turned me from a clean, sweet, studious girl into a dirty **** (even I, have to admit to this because there is no other way to call what I have done with the Marines).

The Marines I have met, for the most part, were very respectful and nice. "Yes maam' no maam." Though I knew they were mostly horny and wanted to get into my pants. It really is up to the girl as to how far she is willing to go. Since I have been basically deprived of real men in my hometown, the Marines were irresistible to me . . . young, strong, handsome, healthy, carefree and horny. I am not looking for a husband, not even a boyfriend. Without those agenda, I found it easier to be with those walking horn-dawgs.

I have to admit that even before I went to San Diego, I always thought of Marines as modern gladiators. Young men who live to serve the country and risk their lives by fighting hard, and then come home to get some sort of release in a willing girl or paid professional. Since I don't need their money, nor did I ever want to be classified as a prostitute, the Marines found a free and easy release for their pent-up, manly, lusty, dirty sexual needs in me. I actually might have gone too far as I couldn't seem to say no to them. Having those lame civilian boys back home in my mind as well as the perverts in my job, I felt like I had to make the most of my vacation being surrounded by walking sex machines in combat boots.

I had my first Marine experience after having met one in a mall. I will call him John. He was wearing jeans, t shirt and sneakers with a tall and solid physic. He started chatting me up. He said that I looked like an angel. Pick-up lines never worked on me but that stud could have said out right that he simply wanted to have sex, I would have said yes. I could sense that he was getting hot and bothered by being near me. What he did not know that just looking at him and getting a whif of his manly scent made me wet. I did not let on.

We had something to eat and he asked if I wanted to see a movie. We went. While the movie was going, he did the classic move and raised his right arm and put it over my shoulders but not touching me so as not to offend me. I thought to myself, "Why am I playing this game?" I wanted him, and he wanted me. To stop this game, I went ahead and put my left hand on his leg, rubbing slightly his upper, inner thigh near his crotch. I could see through the corner of my eye that he had a grin on his face when I did that. I could also feel that the bulge on his jeans was a tight mound longing to bust. After rubbing his leg a few times, he whispered in my ear, his warm breath and moist mouth touching my ear making me tingle all over, "You know you're killing me. I am in pain right now". When he said that, I turned to face him. Without warning, he kissed me. It was a gentle, wet, sweet kiss that turned into him eating my mouth and face while I was massaging his rock hard-on. I don't remember the movie but what I remember was his breath. It smelled like Doritos and his mouth tasted like pizza.

Though I was not a virgin, I was not sexually active. After being with him that afternoon, and after several times with him in bed, I felt like a pure flower that was just picked and crushed. I was in so much pain both inside and out. He apologized for being so rough because he had been in the desert for so long and had had no sex for a long time. He also thanked me for letting him unload inside me. It meant so much to him. That motel right outside the base must have been frequented by Marines because I could hear moans and groans, and sometimes outright screams. I know some of those screams were mine. I couldn't help it. While this big, strong, handsome Marine plowed me till he had enough, all I could do was let him be as I hung on to his huge sweaty arms and big, sweaty, hard 6' 4" body. The truth was that even if I tried to stop him in the middle of it, I would not have been able to do it. He was there to get what he wanted and he got it - several times that afternoon while his clothes and size 16 shoes were all over the floor.

He asked me if I would ever consider marrying him. How quick was that? We met that afternoon and he was ready to start a family. He said that he would be the envy of the Marines onbase. As much as I loved everything about that afternoon, I did not know him. I said no. Besides, as I told him, I just arrived in California and wanted to explore it. I did not tell him that I actually had other Marines in mind. Marines similar to the big strong studs staring at me when we walked into the motel. Those Marines stared at me while they were grabbing the bulges on their pants. I have been too busy studying back home, and I was determined to make this vacation count. With my current frame of mind, that meant trying out several Marines for size.

During the two months that I was there, I was with Big John several times. That excuse he gave me for being rough (being in the desert for a long time) was just that, an excuse because he was always rough in bed. I don't think he knew how to do it any other way. I did not mind it really. I wanted a strong, horny Marine and that was what I got. I did not see the need for telling him that since our first afternoon, I have had lots of experiences. Things that would most likely turn him off if he knew. It included a couple of trains in the barracks . . . but that is for another time.

I have not been with any other Armed Forces personel, nor do I want to. I am happy to be with Marines and I plan to visit other bases (Camp Lejeune, 29 Palms, Parris Island, Yuma, Cherry Point, etc.). In fact, I am going to Okinawa courtesy of American Airlines, as their flight attendant. I just have to figure out a sure way not to get diseases as their swinging penises seem to prefer it unwrapped. Being on the pill has prevented me from being impregnated by their super Marine DNA so far, but eventually health issues will be a problem, especially during a train. Suggestions from others out there would be nice.
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Yes you are safe they have to get tested for anything and everything after coming back from deployment or leave so yes you are safe

I loved your story.It's good that you refused a proposal from big John because you hardly know him.All i can tell you is continue courting him and if he is serious,go for it

Lmao stop being a ******* ****

Stop being a what ;)

loved your story would loved it even more if you have given a little bit more detail.

& when will you write about train in barracks?

Marines generally are clean. They get checked up for this very often during medicals. I think the only thing you may catch from one is chlamydia or some other temporary one. But still, do your research. I know military in some countries won't let people serve if they are not clean or have HIV as this causes complications on field. Not too sure about the US though.

I hear about girls getting venereal diseases that don't go away. Diseases that burns everyday and makes a girl's vagina smell. I love Marines, but I don'y ever want that. Military in other countries? Not interested - I only like US Marines - Infantry grunts even better.

That sounds like you had fun while you were here. Haha nice story, you should consider a detailed scene or two of your sex with big john. Lol

I was trying to make the story as clean as possible. That is why I did not post the trains I had in the barracks - too dirty.