I Did...then..

He wanted to get married! ...hmmm... I live super close to a base in california, and since I was in the military it's very easy to get Marines to open up to me. I understand what they went through and what they're going through. Every Marine I've met wanted to date me or even MARRY ME! I was having sex with this one for a few months.. I viewed it as sex, not dating or anything around those lines. He got super attached, and I found this out when he got all depressed and upset when my phone rang and it was a guys name that popped up. I was confused of why he would get upset? He confessed his love to me and it honestly freaked me out... we're friends, just no sex lol. BUT I used to date military and for the most part the ones I dated who I had sex with were pretty good in bed! My fav part about a marine is the way the back of their neck feels and their toned butts hahahaha who agrees?!

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in your dreams

This makes me sick. That you're using marines just for sex.

You're a loser and a user. Wow.

You are a fat slob, no man wants to have sex with you. You understand that, you fat slob ?