,of Course He's Married

I'm 19 years old.I met this guy in 2009.I new him for two years now,he been wanted to have sex with me since...at first whish in 2011 I saw him at a block party on a bike. He ask for my number I Gave it to him.He called me,text and I never respond back only cause he was married and was friends with my family.butg 2012 came that's when I realize I wanted to start having sex with him..um um um when I say that married man knows what he is doing....yeees...a married man that knows how to make a women feels good.we had sex atleast 7 times even at his house.but just like the sex not him. I mean he's attractive and all but he know how to give a young girl the best sex.they say outsider is the best. I still wonder why hee cheats????
jazzio25 jazzio25
Sep 16, 2012