Married Men - Best Sex!

A few years ago I had a long distance Internet friendship with an older man in his late forties. He was a Daddy looking type, heavyset, glasses. He was a flirt but very charismatic. He told me his wife was a nag and wouldn't **** him. We began to share **** together and then have phone sex. I could tell he was sex crazed and needed to ****. I'd send him pictures of my ***** and he would want more and more.

He lied to his wife and said he'd be away for five days on a business trip. We both flew out of state to meet half way in the middle. Once he got me alone, he devoured me. He manipulated my body and made me so swollen. He indulged deeply and I let him know exactly how good his **** felt! He ****** me so hard that he was grunting and squealing and he made me *** so hard. He licked my ***** and played with my *******, made me *** extremely hard. It felt good knowing his wife was at home and he was pounding my *****. I often spread my ***** lips apart so he could watch himself move in and out of my hole. I bucked his **** nice and hard just so he could feel a wild horny ***** on his married ****!

I love getting ****** by married men starving for *****!
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It is so wonderful that there are women like you who really know to enjoy sex..and make sex enjoyable. And doesn't worry about things like married...

No but serious, you will at one point get in those wife’s shoes and start perceiving how unhealthy that is for all...I used to and no more they are not always 100% available 2 anyway

But, darling, you must admit that women like us are rare, unique and very, very special. Most women feel that they need to keep their men by holding on so tightly that they wind up suffocating them. Of course, these men wind up resenting the heck out of their wives, cheat behind their backs and eventually leave. We are a rare breed, my friend! ; )

I completely agree with you ! I used to cheat on my wife at least once a month , till one day I told her that she didn't satisfy my urges for sex and I was ******* off and soon I would have to start ******* other woman , she then realize that our 12 years marriage was going to end right then I start telling her how pleasurable would be to have another woman licking her and watching me ******* her like a little **** ,,, since then we have sex almost everyday and now she really wants another woman in our bed ,, will never cheat on her again and she's the most precious woman ill ever have in my life , we are from southern Ontario

hot and sexy, thanks for sharing, Tim

meet half way in airport hotel is still not box checked on my sex to do's list

You can send me photos of your wet ***** anytime.

How lucky you are

Very sensual and horny at the same time! Very cool!

Excellent story!

Great story.

I need a woman like you to fuck1

how nice story...... can i chat with u in internet...

Thanks for sharing your great experience and I would love to be your friend here!

Me too. Love your stories. ;)

interesting. usually I have better luck with younger and unmarried.

Not married anymore! id love to work over you and your **** and nipples, *****, mouth and *** hole anyday sexy babe ! mmmmmmmmmm

Good girl...
We need more like you to help us guys out!

Older men love to share what they know!

Thanks for sharing!

I love the way you think!

would love to **** you.i am still married and my wife ***** the mistress anyway and not me.

Lovely story ~ look forward to more of the same

I think every married man could use a woman like you on the side. your story turned me on big time, i can feel myself licking sucking kissing and ******* you till you cant take anymore.

Excellent story. You express yourself very well!

Where about do you call home.

Fabulous story, sweetie. Wish my husband ran into you in our hometown. You'd be welcomed with open arms! Trust me, a good time would be had by all. Would it still count if he were your age and married?? Or does he have to be older?

Good story.

I am starving feed me some of your hot tight ***** please.

Nothing but slurping and sucking on your juicy ***** and stiff little **** baby until your rockets shoot off!

I would probably lick it a few times honey so my thumb can slip in while my long fingers are stroking your g-spot

I am counting on that, I will be so dry I will drink all of the juice from your soaked *****. Then I will spin you around and stuff my **** in your mouth so you can get me lubricated and I can bury myself in your tight ***** in one stroke. Pounding you doggy style so my balls are slapping your ****!!!

I will have your hair in my left hand to control you and my right hand will be spanking your *** and reaching around to pinch your nipples hard so you can tell me how good that it feels.

When I feel your ***** clamping down on me baby I will give you my load deep in your tight wet *****.

I definitely want to watch it convulse, we may even have to put in some anal beads that I can pull out one by one between pulses, How would my honey like that?

I will watch it close up baby and probably rim you with my tongue to see if you will twitch a little more as they come out and my fingers work their magic in your soaking wet *****. I will even pull some of my *** out of your ***** to feed you from my fingers. I know you will be starving after such a workout.

Maybe it will be cheypie's sweet little ***** I **** doggy style while your head is underneath her and I will expect to feel your tongue on my balls with every stroke. Then you will have to clean my from her ***** so I can eat her in front of you and only taste her sweet nectar. I will put a bullet vibrator in your *** and balls in your ***** and not let you *** until one of us takes pity on you.

You will find that if you serve me well I will always take care of all your needs. I know the importance of keeping my baby happy. Daddy will provide happiness for you, I will make sure your nipples never lack for the attention they deserve. I may have to suck them every day for an hour or so and pinch them more while we relax. We can get to the point where I can train you to *** for me just with me tugging and pinching your nipples.

I would love to lick your ***, ******* then open your ******* with my fingers and **** it with my tongue getting it well lubed so I can slide my **** deep into your ***.

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you are amazing!!!

i dont know how :(

Oh My Yes - we are all over this site. Come chat with me and I';; tell you all you'd like to know......

I would love too have a long-distance relationship with you!