On Her Anniversary

A couple years ago, I was actually playing poker on facebook, when I struck up a friendship with a nice lady, we'll call her Tammy. Tammy was a very nice lady, about 10 years my senior, you know the story... sexually unfulfilled, unsure what she wanted, blah blah blah...

So anyway, Tammy and I evolved into texting and talking on the phone when it was safe (her husband was a cop so we had to be careful). Things were evolving and she was really digging me. I'm the type of person that likes to poke around in people's heads, figuring out what makes them tick, finding different buttons, and pushing them just to see what happens, so this was suiting me just fine. Anyway, the time came for a real meet. She came to a town close to me, and we got a hotel. Very nice hotel by the way. So we meet up, she gives me head, and then we go to the hotel bar for a drink and some dinner. I can honestly say she gave the best head I've ever received. She is a submissive person, and was obviously digging the fact that someone 10 years her junior was being dominant with her, so i made her go to the bar with no panties on, which was something she would never have done without my request.

Anyway, we had our dinner, and headed back up to our room. We played pretty much nonstop from the time we got back to the room until about 1am, when we passed out from exhaustion. Even ****** her from behind against the window of our hotel room, exposed for all to see. Needless to say, we had a great night. In the morning, when it was time for us to go our seperate ways, we had a good long talk in her car, where she informed me that it was her anniversary. Nothing like news like that to make a guy feel good about ******* somebody else's wife... Did I mention he's a cop?
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Oh yes you mentioned he is a cop !!!!!!!!

That I did....

Yup, and you ****** his wife !!!!

yes I did. if he was doing it right I wouldn't have had a chance

then he did it wrong or may be he does not do it at all !!!!

my point exactly

I bet you are proud of yourself and your "Tool" too!

You are right, if her husband do it well , she would not let you ******* her from behind.

she wouldn't have even been there if he did it right

and my "tool" has very little to do with it

I hope you just ****** her well and hard.

Has you cumm inside her ?

of course.

Do not you was afraid If you knocked her up? and her cop might arrest you ?!

I wish him the best of luck in finding out

Do not you get afraid , he is a cop !? and you ****** his wife !!!

being it's now been 5 years, no

Then she is not pregnant!
Do you still meet her ?


Do you think that she might got pregnant and she old him that the baby is the cop's baby !?

no, she didn't get pregnant

You enjoyed his wife, do not you ?

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