Sex With A Coworker’s Wife

This is a true story that happened about twenty years ago. Sorry that it is a little long.

I was single and in my early 20's and was working at a large office in a small city. The office I worked at employed several hundred employees so there was no way to know, or be friends with, everyone that worked there. I had about 8-10 really good work friends (same age, similar interests, etc.). To me, a really good work friend was someone you hung out with after work or got together with on the weekends. In addition to my really good work friends, I also had about 25-30 work friends. My classification of a work friend was someone you talked to at work but had no desire to do anything with outside of the workplace. One of my work friends was Pete. I never saw Pete outside of the office until one day, as I was leaving a grocery store, I ran into him and his wife in the parking lot walking toward the store. Up until that time, I didn't even know he was married. Pete introduced me to his wife Mary and I was instantly overcome by how cute and sexy this woman was. Mary was a few years younger than me and had long, brown, wavy hair, a cute face, and beautiful eyes. She also had a great figure with B-cup sized breasts, a thin waist, and nice hips and legs. After a few minutes of talking with them, we parted ways and I couldn't help but look back over my shoulder at Mary to check out her fantastic *** in her tight jeans. All I could think about was how lucky Pete was to be able to have sex with her.
Several weeks later, I was invited to my really good work friend Mike's house on a Friday night for a party. I've been to his house before but this time he was having a lot more people over to hang out, have dinner, and have some fun. When I arrived at his house, I was surprised to see among the group of people, that Pete and Mary were there. Until that time, I didn't know that Mike considered Pete one of his really good work friends. Anyways, there was a lot of eating, joking, and talking going on and everyone was having a good time. One of the topics of conversation that came up was about a Broadway play that just came into town and was only going to be in town for less than a week. In fact, the Friday Mike was having his party was the opening night for the play. I knew about this Broadway play being in town and was thinking about going and mentioned that fact by saying "Yeah, I'm thinking about going to it". Almost immediately, half of the people in the room started laughing but I had no idea what was so funny. I quickly learned that the play was sold out months earlier and that I might be able to find some tickets available for a weeknight show if I didn't mind sitting way up in the back of the balcony section. Mike and his wife, as well as some other guests, mentioned that they bought their tickets months in advance for the Saturday night show (the prime show night)and the best tickets among them that they could get were some seats about halfway up the floor section. Then Pete chimed in "Oh, my wife wants to see that play but I'm not interested in going. Besides, even if I wanted to go, I can't since I'm leaving town tomorrow on a work assignment and won't be back for a week". Then Pete turned to me and said "If you can find some tickets, if you don't mind, could you buy an extra one and take my wife with you"? I, of course, replied "Sure, no problem". I then asked Mary what nights she was available and she told me that any night was fine with her as long as she got to see the play.
The following Saturday morning, I went to the theater box office to see what tickets were still available. When I got there, the theater was desolate and I thought the place was closed. However, I found an unlocked main entrance door and, once inside, found only one box office window open. So I approached the clerk and asked if there were any tickets still available for the play. The clerk told me that the only tickets still available were for the Wednesday night show and that the only seats available were the two lasts rows in the balcony. I figured that was better than nothing and as I reached for my wallet to pay for the tickets, the clerk said "Hold on a minute" and turned and asked another box office worker if any tickets got released. The other worker said that six tickets just got released a few minutes ago. The clerk turned back to me and said "If you don't mind paying a little more, you can have a lot better seats". I asked "For what night?" and she said "For tonight's show". I then asked "What row are the seats?" and she replied "Sixth row, center stage". Knowing that the prime Saturday night show was sold out months ago I was in total shock! I asked her "How is that possible?" and the clerk explained to me that every actor is allotted six tickets for every night's show to give to friends and family. If the actor doesn't know anybody in that city to give the tickets to, they can release their tickets back to the box office to sell and the money goes to the actor. Needless to say, I bought two of the tickets for the sixth row and left the theater box office with a big smile on my face basking in my good fortune.
When I got home, I immediately called up Mary to let her know that I got tickets for the Saturday night show that night but I downplayed what seats I got. I added things like "I hope we can see the stage from that far away" and "we probably need to bring binoculars". At that point, Mary didn't care how far away we sat as long as she got to see the play that she really wanted to see and was excited to be able to go.
That night, I picked Mary up and we went to dinner first. The dinner was delicious and we had a great time together. It seemed as if we were on a date since we were both nicely dressed and were eating at a fine restaurant. During our dinner conversation, I found out that Mary's marriage wasn't doing so well. Her and Pete were having some problems and she wasn't sure how much longer her marriage was going to last. I told her I was sorry to hear that but inside my head I was thinking whether Pete would get upset if I started dating Mary if they did actually get divorced. Mary and I talked so much and were enjoying each other's company that I lost track of the time. I realized we had to leave the restaurant really quick in order to not miss the play. So after paying the bill, we hurried off to the theater.
We got to the theater a little later than I wanted to but still made it in time before the play began. Most of the people were already seated and the last few stragglers (including us) were finding their seats. At this point, Mary still had no idea where our seats were. I showed our tickets to the usher and she said "Right this way. Follow me" and turned and led the way with Mary right behind her and me behind Mary. The initial aisle we were in was parallel to the stage so the usher was walking to get to the right, main aisle that takes people either down toward the stage or up the stairs to the balcony. It was so funny when we got to the main aisle because the usher turned left to go down toward the stage at the same time Mary turned to the right thinking we were going to the balcony. Mary quickly realized that the usher made a "wrong" turn so Mary stopped in place and gave a puzzled "Where the hell is she going?" look on her face and then turned and looked at me. I quickly said "Well, go ahead and follow her" and Mary continued following the usher down the very long aisle toward the stage. About one third of the way down the aisle, Mary glances back at me with a confused "Is this the right way to go for our seats?" look on her face. Seeing her confusion, I assure her by saying "Keep going". Halfway down the aisle Mary again turns and looks at me. Her eyes and face are filled with surprise that we didn't get to our seats yet. I jokingly say "Hey, this isn't the way to the balcony" as we continue walking. At the two thirds of the way down the aisle, Mary turns to me with wide open eyes and a look of shock on her face as we are still walking and getting closer and closer to the stage. I couldn't resist joking again so I said "You do know how to play the clarinet don't you?" inferring that we are going to be part of the orchestra. Finally, the usher brings us to our seats in the sixth row and we take our seats. As soon as we sat down Mary turned to me with a huge smile on her face still in shock and asked "How did you get these seats!!?" and I just smiled back and told her "I have my ways" and left her wondering. The seats were perfect! They were far enough away from the orchestra pit to not be bothered by the orchestra pit lighting yet extremely close to the stage to really see and hear the actors very well. Before the play began, I looked back behind me at the audience to see if I could spot any friends from the party from the night before since I knew a lot of them were here that night for the play. I quickly realized that finding anyone I knew in that huge audience crowd was futile so I turned back forward. Within a few more minutes the play began.
The play was extremely good and Mary and I enjoyed it a lot. When it was over, it took us awhile to retrace our steps to file out of the theater since all of the people sitting behind us were now ahead of us. Eventually, we got out of the theater and started our long walk back to my car with people everywhere around us. I couldn't help but look over at Mary in her sexy dress and thinking about the nice dinner, fantastic conversation, and excellent play we saw together. I wanted to hold her hand so bad but I knew she was a married woman and might get offended. But at the same time, I knew she was having problems with her marriage and I could tell that the night out with me made her feel really good. Shortly after exiting the theater we came to a wide set of stairs without any handrails and I saw my opportunity to hold Mary's hand even if it was only for a few moments. Mary had high heels on, so I held her hand to help her down the stairs. While walking down the stairs, I decided to let Mary be the one to decide to let go of my hand or not. I wasn't going to initiate pulling my hand away from hers. Once we reached the bottom of the stairs, I was delightfully pleased that Mary kept holding my hand and didn't try to pull her hand free at all. We continued holding hands the entire way back to my car. At first, I was a little worried that someone from work may have seen us holding hands but I relaxed when I realized I could have easily explained that I was just making sure that Mary didn't trip and fall with her high heels on. In any case, Mary wanting to hold my hand was a definite sign that she was interested in me.
It took about thirty minutes to drive back to her house and, once we got there, she invited me in. She offered me a drink and we talked about how great the play was, asked how I got such fantastic seats, and talked about other things. After about an hour, I decided it was time for me to leave. As I was standing inside of her front door saying my goodbyes and telling her what a wonderful time I had with her that night, I couldn't help but notice that she was standing closer than normal to me. It seemed as if she wanted to be kissed yet I knew she was married and I may have misread her signs. I really wanted to kiss her but I was unsure what to do. Our earlier hand holding, showing that she had interest in me, gave me the courage to try kissing her. So I leaned forward and began kissing her. I was relieved and delighted when she began kissing me back. Our kissing slowly became more and more passionate and it didn't take too long before I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her body against mine. I put one hand on her upper back pulling her toward me to push her breasts against my chest while the other hand went down to her sexy *** to pull her lower body against mine while squeezing her *** cheeks. She let out a soft moan when I pulled her against me and there was no doubt that she could feel my **** getting longer and harder as it pressed firmly against her stomach. After about a minute, she broke off our kiss and embrace and stepped back a few steps. At first, I was disappointed thinking that her conscious got the best of her but she quickly announced that she borrowed the dress from a neighbor friend and didn't want to get it wrinkled. She then quickly pulled the dress off and set it across a chair and was now standing in front of me in only her sexy bra and panties. Upon seeing her like this, my **** got even harder and longer and my overly full, ***-filled balls began aching badly with lust. I took the few steps toward her and began kissing her again. While I held and squeezed her *** with one hand, I used the other hand to feel and squeeze her breasts through her bra. Mary was moaning again now as we were both getting more sexually excited. Within a few minutes I needed to have her breasts in my mouth so badly. So I used both hands to pull her bra up and over her breasts while lowering my mouth down to one of her nipples. Her white breasts and pink, pointy nipples looked amazing! I hungerly sucked on one nipple while squeezing that breast with one of my hands. With the other hand, I pinched, pulled, and twisted her exposed nipple on the other breast with my fingers. Mary was moaning louder now as she held onto my head. Every so often I would alternate which breast I sucked on and somewhere during this sucking, pinching, and squeezing I undid Mary's bra, removed it from her body, and threw it on the floor. After several minutes of sucking on Mary's breasts, I wanted to play with her ***** to get her even more excited. So I moved one of my hands down to her crotch and began rubbing her ***** through her underwear material. I could feel the heat coming from her ***** and the wetness of her panties and it only took a few seconds before I moved the panties aside and began rubbing her wet, exposed pussylips with my fingers. After about a minute of rubbing the outside of her pussylips, I decided to pull Mary's panties down to get them out of the way. As soon as her panties hit the top of her feet, she stepped out of them and kicked them away across the floor. Mary was now completely naked while I still had all of my clothes on. When I put my hand back against Mary's pussylips I decided to insert my middle finger into her wet, tight ***** hole and used my thumb to rub her ****. Mary then let out a lustful moan when her *****, ****, and both nipples were being stimulated all at the same time. All of this stimulation suddenly released the sexual animal in Mary because, at that moment, she desperately needed my hard **** inside of her. Mary began rubbing my hard **** through my pants with one hand while trying to hurriedly undo my pants with the other. I helped her remove my pants, and as soon as my hard, throbbing **** was exposed she grabbed onto it with one hand and began stroking it while she used the other hand to grab and squeeze my heavy, ***-filled balls. I let out a moan of pleasure but my moan was mixed with a little moan of pain. I had about two weeks of *** in my balls so my balls were large, heavy, firm, and sore. So Mary squeezing my balls felt good yet a little painful at the same time. After my pants were off, I removed my own shirt since Mary was too busy playing with my **** and balls and I didn't want to stop her. As soon as I was naked, the lust was overpowering for both of us. So Mary grabbed me by the hand and pulled me quickly down the hallway to the master bedroom.
Once inside the bedroom, she jumped on the bed, rolled over onto her back, and spread her legs wide. I knew exactly what she wanted!! She needed to have my long, hard, throbbing **** inside of her ***** immediately! I needed to be inside of her as much as she needed me. So I kneeled on the bed between her legs, positioned my swollen cockhead at the entrance to her wet ***** hole, and with a few thrusts I was buried all the way inside of her. She moaned feeling my hard **** slide into her but I groaned loudly with pleasure. It had been many, many months since I had a girlfriend so the combination of not having sex in a long time coupled with my overly full balls made my **** feel wonderful inside of this cute, sexy, married woman's tight, warm, wet, slippery *****. I held my hard **** deep inside of her for a few seconds enjoying the pleasure of her ***** wrapped around my ****. Then I slowly began thrusting my hips up and down to start ******* her. It didn't take long after I began ******* her for my balls to start tightening up and squeezing. I had a lot of *** in my balls that wanted to come out so I didn't have my normal stamina and staying power. I mentioned to Mary that her ***** felt so tight and wet and was driving my **** and balls crazy. I told her I couldn't wait to pump my huge load of *** deep inside of her *****. I guess I should have kept my mouth shut because Mary then said "You can't *** inside of me"! I asked "Why not?" and she replied that she wasn't on any birth control and that she didn't want to get pregnant. Hearing that she wasn't on any birth control and could get pregnant while at the same time my **** was fully buried inside of her ***** made my balls squeeze super hard. It took all of my willpower not to shoot my huge *** load in her ***** right then and there!!! Trying to convince her to let me *** inside of her, I said "If you get pregnant, your husband will think that it's his child". That's when Mary informed me that she hadn't had sex with her husband in about two months (since they were having marriage problems) and there was no way that he would believe that the child was his. So at that point I had two choices: I could disregard her wishes and *** inside of her anyways OR I could go along with what she wanted and not *** inside of her. I decided not to *** inside of her for two reasons: If she got pregnant, we would both be in trouble AND I knew her husband was going to be gone for a week. If she enjoyed the sex and trusted me (by not ******* in her like she asked) I was sure that we would be ******* many more times while her husband was away. So I asked what I should do when I needed to *** and she said that I could still *** in her ***** but I had to have a condom on. I told her that I didn't have any condoms and then she reached into the nightstand and pulled out some of her husband's condoms. She told me that he wasn't using them so I might as well use them instead. Just to make sure he didn't notice, I counted the condoms and noted the brand/style and made a mental note to replace them. She told me that she wanted both of us to enjoy feeling my unprotected **** inside of her ***** for awhile first. Then, when I was getting close to *******, I was to pull out, put a condom on, and then continue ******* her until I came. So I did just that. However, since I knew I couldn't last as long with all of that *** in my balls, I put the condom on a little earlier than normal just to reduce the pleasure to my **** to keep from ******* too soon. So with a condom on, I was ******* Mary with hard, long, deep, fast strokes. She was moaning and enjoying it as my hard **** pistoned in and out of her ***** while my heavy balls were slapping against her body. It didn't take long before Mary let out an orgasmic moan as she wrapped her legs around my *** and pulled her legs hard against me to keep my hard **** deep inside of her *****. At the same time, I felt her fingernails dig into my back as her ***** squeezed and held onto my **** tightly. By this time my balls were aching badly for release and this was the moment I was waiting for. As soon as I felt her starting to ***, I stopped holding back and let my ****** wash over me. I thrust my hips urgently forward to get my **** even deeper into her ***** before I let out a moan that turned into a groan and then that turned into loud grunts as the *** began pumping out of my swollen cockhead. The first *** spurt came out of my cockhead so violently fast that I thought it blasted a hole through the tip of the condom! I felt my **** throb powerfully with every *** spurt as my balls were squeezing unbelievably hard to force as much *** out as they could. My **** kept pumping and pumping the *** out and I could feel the condom getting extremely full. Eventually, Mary and I came down from our ******* as we held each other tightly and we began smiling and laughing from the joy and pleasure that we gave each other. I kept my **** in her as long as possible so she could savor the feeling of a **** filling up her *****. After a few minutes, I knew I had to pull my **** out before it deflated too much and let my ***** leak out of the condom. I slowly pulled my **** out of Mary's ***** and she gasped as she felt it sliding out. When my **** was fully out of her ***** we both could see the huge amount of *** that was inside of the condom. It looked as if three men came inside of the same condom! Mary commented by saying "Wow! That's a lot of ***!!" and I replied "I told you I had a huge load of *** in my balls"! Mary then lamented "I wish I was on birth control so that I could have had all of that *** inside of me". Little did Mary know, I already had plans of pumping a load of *** into her ***** at least once or possibly twice. I was going to build up her trust in me by using condoms and not ******* inside of her like she wanted. Once her trust was sufficiently built up, I was going to "accidentally" *** into her unprotected, fertile *****. I know it sounds evil but the male urge to *** in a fertile woman's ***** to impregnate her with his child is just too great. I needed Mary to satisfy my sexual and biological urges and nothing was going to stop me. If she got pregnant and we both got in trouble, then so be it. Having her carry my child would be so worth it!!

I'll write a shorter second part telling about the rest of the week at a later date. Hope you enjoyed the first part even though it was very long.
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Dec 9, 2012