Sex With A Coworker's Wife (Part 2)

This is a true story that happened about twenty years ago. I suggest you read Part 1 before reading this Part 2 story.

   I got up off of Mary’s bed and walked toward her master bathroom with the overly-full condom dangling from my semi-erect ****. Once inside, I slipped the condom off and threw it into the toilet. Before flushing the toilet, I took a **** to make sure any residual ***** in my **** shaft was flushed out. I then washed my **** and hands to remove any ***** that were on them too. Once I was done cleaning up, I returned to Mary’s bed for the start of round two. I climbed onto the bed next to Mary and began passionately kissing her again. Our lips were firmly planted together while our tongues danced around in each other’s mouths. After several minutes of kissing, I slid down the bed a little and began sucking on Mary’s perky, pointy nipples on her B-cup breasts. Just like earlier, I played and pulled on one of her nipples with my fingers while I sucked on the other. I did this for at least five minutes while I kept switching between which nipple I was sucking on. By now, Mary was moaning again from the attention I was giving to her breasts so I knew she was enjoying this. Eventually, I decided it was time to begin licking her ***** again so I slid down the bed some more and positioned my body between her legs. I put my arms underneath her legs and reached back up the bed with my hands to hold onto her breasts. While squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples with my hands, I began eagerly licking her pussylips and ****. Unfortunately, her ***** didn’t taste as good as the first time I licked it since it had a strong taste of the condom I used earlier (another reason why I hate condoms). Even though I had a strong condom taste in my mouth, I still continued licking and teasing Mary’s ***** since I knew that she enjoyed oral stimulation a lot. I licked, sucked, pulled on her pussylips and **** with my lips, and occasionally stuck my tongue into her ***** hole. I did this for awhile and could tell that my simultaneous breast and ***** play was getting Mary worked up sexually from her moans, wetness of her *****, and the squirming of her body. Hearing and seeing Mary getting sexually worked up got me sexually aroused. It didn’t take long for my **** to swell up and get hard again. After about ten minutes of licking Mary’s *****, she began to ***. While moaning out loud, she tightly squeezed the sides of my head with her legs while moving her hips to push her ***** against my mouth. By this time, I couldn’t take it anymore and had to have my hard **** back inside of her as soon as I could. So, while Mary was coming down from her ******, I moved back up the bed and slid my **** into her wet *****. It was easy to enter her and she let out a gasp as she felt my hard **** slide into her. I could tell that she enjoyed having my hard **** inside of her as I began thrusting at a medium speed. Since my balls weren’t as full, I knew that I could keep this pace up almost indefinitely. I kept hammering away at Mary’s ***** with my firm, medium speed strokes trying to keep Mary in an orgasmic state. It didn’t take long because only a few minutes later Mary pulled on my body with her arms and legs as another ****** swept over her. It was a great feeling as she held me deep inside of her as her ***** grabbed and milked my **** trying to get at the *** in my balls. However, I wasn’t even close to ******* yet, which was a good thing since Mary didn’t want any of my *** inside of her *****. By now, I was getting tired of being on top and wanted to change positions. So when Mary came down from her latest ******, I rolled off of her and onto my back so that Mary could start riding me. It was a wonderful sight seeing my hard **** disappear into Mary’s ***** as she lowered herself onto me. It was even better since I could easily suck and play with her breasts while she was in this position. This is also when I found out that Mary liked to be man-handled a little too. Because, when she was riding me, I reached up and grabbed all of her long, brown hair into one of my hands and pulled firmly. This caused Mary’s head to go back to the point where she was looking up at the ceiling and also caused her breasts to be pushed out some more. So, when Mary let out a moan, I knew she liked this and made a mental note of doing this again to her sometime in the future. Eventually, with Mary riding me hard and hearing her *** slap against my thighs, I could feel my balls begin to tighten and knew I would be ******* soon. So I stopped Mary from riding me, pulled my hard **** out, quickly slid on a condom, and had Mary mount me again. But this time I had Mary ride me while facing away from me in the reverse cowgirl position. It was so erotic seeing my **** sliding in and out of her ***** while also seeing her unbelievably sexy ***. The sights and sounds were overwhelming and it didn’t take long before I felt my **** swell up even more right before I was going to ***. I’m not sure if Mary sensed this, but right before I was going to ***, she reached down between her legs and began pulling and squeezing my balls. This drove me crazy and threw me over the edge. I let out a loud groan, held firmly onto Mary’s hips while thrusting hard and held my **** deep inside of her *****. A split second later I felt my hard **** throb powerfully over and over as my *** filled up the condom but nowhere near as much as the first time I came. As I was coming down from my ******, Mary looked over her shoulder and said “You liked that huh”? When I told her that I loved when a woman plays with my balls Mary just gave me a sly smile and I could tell she made a mental note of that. As my erection was subsiding, Mary got off of me and I got cleaned up again. I came back to bed and laid next to Mary and we began talking and occasionally kissing. From our conversation, I could see that Mary had a whole week of sex planned with me while her husband was gone and she didn’t want to wear us both out on the first night. She also wanted me to stay the night with her but we both knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea if any nosy neighbors had spotted me leaving her house the next morning. So I got dressed, told her I had a wonderful night, gave her a long lingering kiss, and then left.
   On Sunday afternoon, Mary came over to my apartment complex, instead of me going over to her house, in order to not attract any suspicion in her neighborhood. The apartment complex I lived in was quite large, so the coming and going of people was normal and didn’t attract any attention. Once again, we went out to dinner before coming back to my place to have sex several times. It was also on this day that I noticed that Mary became completely detached from her husband. I was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” in her sexless, troubled marriage. I brought fun, excitement, and pleasure back into her life and I could tell that she was now mentally, physically, and emotionally attached to me even though she was legally attached to someone else. When late Sunday night came around, Mary reluctantly returned back to her home to put on the act as if nothing was going on outside of her marriage.
   Monday morning came and I arrived to work on time. I don’t think I was in the office for more than two minutes before I had several people around my desk. It was obvious that everyone from work, who attended the Saturday night play, spotted Mary and I being ushered to our seats as we were one of the handful of stragglers to arrive to the theater a little late and most people were already seated by then. Mike and some fellow workers, who attended the Saturday night play, wanted to know how I got such great seats since they knew I didn’t have tickets as of the night before. I didn’t want anyone to know my secret of how I got great seats so I bullshitted and told everyone that someone from my apartment complex had some tickets and couldn’t attend and I was able to buy the tickets from him. Mike told me how his wife (who I think is a little uppity) was pissed when she saw the great seats I had. Mike’s wife was proud to have the best seats (halfway up the floor section) among their friends until I showed up and had seats way better than them. Mike told me how her smug smile turned to shock and then anger when she saw Mary and I walk down the aisle and sit in the front. He then sarcastically thanked me for putting his wife in “such a great mood” for the rest of the night. That, of course, put a big smile on my face since I considered it payback for her laughing at me on Friday when I mentioned I was thinking about getting tickets to the play. What was even funnier was when some coworkers, who didn’t know any better, mentioned how good looking my girlfriend was. You should have seen their faces when I said “Oh, that’s not my girlfriend. That’s Pete’s wife”. They didn’t know what to say while thinking that Pete’s wife was having an affair with me until I told them that Pete couldn’t go and asked me to take his wife to the play. That seemed to have calmed them down and made them laugh after realizing their misunderstanding.
   The rest of the day Monday went by real slow, partly because Mondays always seemed to drag on and also because I looked forward to seeing Mary again that night. When I got out of work, I went home and got cleaned up. I called Mary and told her to unlock her back door and that I would be over shortly. In order to avoid the possible nosy neighbors, I parked the next street over and, in the darkness, cut through the yard of the house behind Mary’s and hopped the fence. Within seconds, I was in Mary’s house through the back door without anybody seeing me. The plan that night was for Mary to make dinner and for us to have sex for dessert. The dinner was great and it didn’t take long afterwards for Mary and I to be naked in her bed. I gave her an ****** from oral stimulation first before I mounted her in the missionary position and began ******* her tight, wet *****. I teased her ***** with my ****. Sometimes I would **** her soft and slow and other times I would **** her hard and fast. Sometimes I would keep just the tip of my swollen cockhead in her ***** and would stay like that for many agonizing seconds before thrusting my hips quickly forward to bury my **** in her with our bodies making a slapping sound. Other times I would hold my **** deep inside of her ***** and purposely make my **** throb so she could feel the pulsing sensation inside of her. I did a variety of things to her ***** with my **** to drive her sexually crazy. Of course, doing these things to her made me sexually crazy too and, before long, I found myself putting the condom on as I got closer to *******. My balls were aching and squeezing hard as I used my willpower to keep from ******* until Mary came. When Mary finally orgasmed, she once again wrapped her arms and legs around me and pulled me tight against her body to keep my hard **** buried inside of her. At the same time, I stopped holding back and began ******* in the condom with quick, powerful throbs. It was easy to tell that Mary really liked feeling my **** throbbing in ****** at the same time she orgasmed and I enjoyed it too. By now, I also noticed a pattern with Mary when we ****** in the missionary position. Whenever she came, she always wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me tight. I realized that I could use this against her when I planned to “accidentally” *** in her ***** later in the week. Anyways, after I cleaned my **** up, I got back into bed and began fooling around with Mary again. Once she was thoroughly excited and wet, I flipped Mary onto her hands and knees and mounted her from behind in the doggystyle position. It felt so good to **** her like this! It was amazing looking at her sexy body and *** while seeing my hard **** sliding in and out of her *****. I also enjoyed how deep I could thrust my hard **** inside of her and could feel my **** bottoming out as I slapped my balls against her pussylips. I loved holding tightly onto her hips or *** as I thrusted my **** repeatedly inside of her. Every so often I would play with her hanging breasts or **** with my hands but most of the time I just held onto her waist or hips as I ****** her hard trying to pleasure my **** and balls as much as I could. As I got closer to *******, I used one hand against her upper back to push her chest against the bed while keeping her *** in the air and with the other hand I gathered up her long hair and pulled her head back. She moaned loudly feeling me manhandle and control her while I ****** her ***** hard for my own pleasure. This was different than how I normally had sex with her. The loving, caring, compassionate way I normally ****** her was replaced with hard, animalistic ******* and she seemed to enjoy this change of pace. I really wanted to *** unprotected inside of her like this but I knew this wasn’t the right time and that I would have a chance to do so at a later date. So I pulled my hard **** out, slipped on a condom, and quickly shoved my **** back inside of her to continue ******* her. A few minutes later I felt my balls tighten and my **** swell to an even greater length and thickness as the ******* process began. With a loud grunt, I held onto Mary’s hips tightly and shoved my **** into her ***** as deep as it could go. I felt my hard **** spasm strongly as I began pumping my *** load into the condom. I continued grunting and groaning while pumping *** out until my balls went empty. It was truly a ball-emptying experience and I let Mary know that that was the hardest that I had ever *** in my life. Mary took great pleasure in knowing that she made me *** so hard. I told her it felt unbelievably good and that the only way that it could have possibly have gotten better is if she played with my balls while in that position. Mary laughed and said “Okay, next time I’ll do that”. Of course, that brought a smile to my face!
   After we finished having sex, I got cleaned up and we both got dressed. Before I left, Mary wanted for us to get together the following night to take advantage of all of the time her husband would be away. But I told her that my balls needed a day off. I jokingly told her that she emptied my balls so thoroughly tonight that I doubted if I would have any *** in them by tomorrow night. Mary laughed and was a little disappointed we wouldn’t be able to get together the following night. But once I told her that I’d make it up to her on Wednesday night, she gave me a big smile. After this, I gave her a kiss goodnight, slipped out the back door of her house, jumped her backyard fence, and got to my car parked the next street over. On the way back to my apartment, I smiled broadly knowing that my plan to *** in Mary’s unprotected, fertile ***** was working out right on schedule. I could have seen Mary on Tuesday night, but I wanted to have as much *** in my balls as possible when I saw her on Wednesday night. That was the night that I planned to pump a load of *** into her unprotected *****.
   Tuesday came and went without incident. On Wednesday, while I was at work, I called Mary several times throughout the day. I was talking sexy with her about how I missed her and what I was going to do to her that evening and she was saying some of the same things back to me. Our phone calls got us both sexually worked up and we couldn’t wait to see each other. I could tell Mary was horny and couldn’t wait to **** me because when I asked “What are we going to do for dinner?” she basically replied that we may not have time to eat. It was obvious that all she wanted at that point was my hard **** in her *****…and that was fine with me! After work, I went back to my apartment and got cleaned up and then drove to Mary’s house. Once again, I parked on the next street over and made my way through the neighbor’s yard behind her house. As I approached the back door to Mary’s house, I was already sexually excited. My **** was hard and throbbing and I could feel the weight of my heavy, ***-filled balls as they shifted around inside my pants. All I could think about was how good it was going to feel when I emptied my balls inside of Mary’s *****.
   Within seconds of entering Mary’s darkened house, I was attacked!! It took me by surprise since my eyes weren’t adjusted to the darkness of her house. But within moments, I realized that it was just Mary greeting me at the door when she roughly put her arms around me and gave me a hard kiss on the lips. When I put my arms around Mary, I was shocked to feel her warm skin on my hands. I quickly moved one of my hands to her upper back while I moved the other hand to her ***. When I didn’t feel the material of her bra and panties, I knew that Mary was already completely naked! When my hand touched her bare ***, it must have done something inside of Mary because she let out a moan, backed out of our embrace, and then began hurriedly grabbing and squeezing my hard **** through my pants. As she struggled to get my pants undone, I reached out with one of my hands and rubbed her ***** and was amazed at how wet she was. As soon as Mary got my pants loosened, she rapidly pulled them down to my ankles, dropped to her knees, and then began hungrily sucking on my ****! This really shocked me because this was the first time that Mary performed oral sex on me and, up until then, I just figured it was something she wasn’t interested in. By now, my eyes were adjusted to the dark and I could see Mary’s lips wrapped around my hard **** as they slid up and down my shaft. Mary’s **** sucking skills were bringing soft moans out of me until she began squeezing and pulling on my balls at the same time. When that happened, I couldn’t help but moan louder with the pleasure she was giving me. Even though it felt really good and I wanted Mary to keep doing this until I blasted a load of *** in her mouth, I had to stop her. I was planning on pumping that first big load of *** into her ***** and I didn’t want to waste any *** down her throat. I figured I could pump a load of *** into her mouth some other day. After I pulled Mary’s head off of my ****, I quickly got out of my remaining clothes. As soon as I was naked, Mary grabbed my hand and hurriedly pulled me to her bedroom. Once inside, she quickly laid down on the bed on her back and spread her legs. Mary’s wet ***** was so inviting that I dove onto the bed and began furiously licking her *****. Within a few seconds Mary urgently said “No!! I want you inside of me!!” as she pulled on my body to try to slide me up the bed. I quickly shifted my body until my saliva-coated **** was lined up with Mary’s wet, open pussylips. With all of the wetness, it was easy for my hard **** to slide all the way into her with only one thrust. We both let out a loud moan of pleasure when my **** was fully inside of her. By now, Mary was full of lust as she looked me in the eyes and demanded “**** me!!!” I knew she wanted me to **** her ***** fast and hard and I was only too happy to oblige. So I began ******* Mary hard and could hear her wet ***** making noises as my **** rapidly slid in and out. I could also hear and feel my balls slap against her body with every downward, bottoming out stroke. The room filled with the sounds of our bodies slapping together and with our loud, animalistic moans and groans. It didn’t take long for my balls to begin tightening and squeezing. I could feel the *** flowing from my balls and the pressure of my *** load building up. The pressure quickly became overwhelming and I used all of my abilities to hold my big *** load back. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last, when Mary suddenly closed her eyes, wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me tight, and let out a loud guttural moan as her ***** began grabbing, squeezing, and pulling on my ****. I instantly stopped holding back and could feel my big *** load racing to get out. I urgently called out “Mary!!!” and feigned backing my **** out of her ***** but seemed like I couldn’t with her legs wrapped around my ***. Just as Mary opened her eyes to look at me to see what was going on, I let out a loud grunt as the first, powerful spurt of *** came blasting out of my cockhead and into her unprotected *****. I kept grunting with every *** spurt. Mary’s face quickly turned to shock and horror when she saw the orgasmic look on my face, heard my loud grunts of pleasure, and could feel her ***** filling up with my hot *** with every pulsation of my hard ****. Me pumping my *** deep inside of her unprotected ***** must have triggered something inside of Mary. Because the shock and horror on her face quickly changed to orgasmic pleasure, her eyeballs rolled back into her head, and she let out a loud, screaming moan. Mary then held onto me extremely tight as her whole body shook uncontrollably as the ****** she was already having increased in intensity. Seeing and feeling Mary’s powerful ****** only encouraged me to continue pumping my *** into her ***** until my balls were completely drained. My balls were actually sore from ******* so hard and for so long. One thing is for sure, I’ll never forget how unbelievably good it felt to empty my balls inside of her!!
   When we both came down from our intense *******, the first thing I did was to apologize for ******* in her *****. I said I was sorry and then lied and told her that her ****** suddenly brought about my ****** without any warning. I further lied and told her that I tried to pull out but couldn’t because her legs held my **** inside of her. Mary told me that it was okay and that she understood. I then told her that, even though I wasn’t supposed to *** inside of her, it felt amazingly good. Mary smiled and agreed and told me that that was the most incredible ****** that she has ever had. That, of course, put a smile on my face. Mary was also great in that she didn’t freak out or get angry. I thought she was going to run to the bathroom and try to wash my *** out or just yell at me, but instead she just laid there with my **** still inside of her. She had this “the damage is done and there is nothing we can do about it” attitude. If anything, it made me think she was even more awesome than what I already thought. Even though I wanted to have sex with Mary a second time, I just couldn’t. My balls were completely drained and I had nothing more to give. Besides, I wanted to keep as much of my *** inside of her as I could and didn’t want to pull any *** out with my cockhead ridge if I ****** her again. So I laid on top of Mary for a long time kissing and caressing her while keeping my semi-erect **** in her ***** as a plug to keep my ***** from leaking out. After about thirty minutes, I pulled my **** out of her ***** and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I was surprised when I got out of the bathroom because, by then, Mary had on a pair of panties and was putting on her bra. I thought she was going to get cleaned up but instead she just left my *** inside of her. It was also kind of erotic because I could see that my *** and her juices were already causing a wet spot at the crotch of her panties. As Mary continued getting dressed, I went to the back door to retrieve my clothes laying on the floor so that I could get dressed. That evening, Mary made us something quick to eat and we spent the remainder of the night huddled on the couch together watching a movie.
   On Thursday, Mary and I went out to dinner. Naturally, our conversation went to the night of passionate sex we had the night before. I mentioned that her sucking on my **** took me by surprise and almost made me ***. Mary just raised her eyebrows and gave me a sly smile and I just knew her head was filled with naughty thoughts. After dinner, we went back to my apartment to have sex. As soon as we got in the door to my apartment, Mary turned around and started unbuttoning my pants. In a matter of seconds my pants were down around my ankles. Mary said “I want to finish what I started yesterday” and dropped to her knees and began feverishly sucking on my **** and fondling my balls. It didn’t take long for my **** to get hard with the sensations she was giving me. I didn’t hold back and within about five minutes I tensed up and moaned as I shot my load of *** into her mouth. Mary swallowed all of my *** and continued sucking and licking my now sensitive cockhead for about another minute to make sure she got any residual *** out. After her amazing *******, we went to my bedroom and had sex. I started out by licking her ***** until she came. Afterwards, we ****** in several different positions and I was careful to wear a condom when I eventually came inside of her. Even though I was being safe, I could tell that Mary missed feeling me shoot my *** inside of her.
   On Friday we took a day off from sex. Mary’s ***** and my **** and balls both needed to take a rest. On Saturday, I had to do some things around my apartment and Mary had to do some housework and laundry since her husband Pete was coming home on Sunday. Mary told me she wasn’t going to wash the bed sheets until Sunday morning since she expected me over that Saturday night and the sheets were just going to get dirty anyways. When it was dark enough on Saturday night, I got into her house through the back door like I was accustomed to doing. The first thing I did when I got inside Mary’s house was to replace her husband’s condoms in the nightstand drawer since I used several of them up. Mary forgot about the condoms and thanked me for remembering to replace them. Once the condoms were replaced, Mary and I began kissing and touching each other to begin our sexual night. We were quickly out of our clothes and onto the bed. Mary’s first ****** was from me licking and playing with her ***** and ****. Her second ****** came from me ******* her in the missionary position. I was careful not to get myself too worked up since I was saving my big *** load for the position that I really wanted to **** her in…doggystyle. After Mary’s second ******, I flipped her over onto her hands and knees and began furiously pounding away at her tight, wet ***** with my hard ****. Mary instantly got turned on when she realized I was going to **** her rough and manhandle her the same way I did in this position on the previous Monday. I held onto Mary’s hips tightly as I thrust my **** deep inside her *****. I was moaning and groaning as my ***-filled balls slapped against her. I tested the waters by saying things like how good her tight ***** felt wrapped around my **** and how I was going to shoot a big load of *** inside of her. Mary didn’t put up any resistance or mention anything about me putting a condom on so I considered that a “green light” for me to *** inside of her. I continued testing her by moaning “Oh, my balls!!” several times and by saying “Oh my God, my balls are squeezing so hard!!! I can’t wait to shoot my big load of *** inside of you!!” Once again Mary didn’t say anything or put up any resistance. The only sounds coming out of Mary’s mouth were her loud moans of pleasure. When I was getting close to *******, I once again pushed her chest against the bed and pulled her hair hard to make her head go all the way back. I was moaning and groaning very loud, as I continued thrusting hard into her *****. I let out the loudest groan of them all when I felt my **** swell up just before *******. Mary must have felt this too, since her only response was reaching between her legs to begin squeezing and pulling on my balls. Mary knew how much this drove me crazy and I considered this the final sign that she really wanted me to *** inside of her. Within an instant, I let out an extremely loud grunt as my body began to shake uncontrollably. Milliseconds later my **** started throbbing and spasming violently strong as I began pumping my *** load deep inside Mary’s unprotected *****. My ****** triggered Mary’s ****** as she let out a loud moan of ecstasy and her body also began shaking. Mary’s ***** began squeezing and milking my hard **** with reckless abandon. As a result, my ****** was intense! It felt unbelievably good to pump all of that *** into Mary’s *****! Even after my balls went empty, my balls continued squeezing unbelievably hard and my **** continued throbbing powerfully as if they both wanted to deposit every last ***** cell I had into Mary’s *****. If there was one word to describe our mutual ******, it would be: incredible!! After our longer than normal ****** finally calmed down, we were both sexually exhausted. Mary fell forward on the bed and I fell on top of Mary making sure to keep my **** firmly planted in her *****. We kissed and caressed and exclaimed how amazing that ****** was for each of us. After about five minutes, my softening **** slipped out of Mary’s wet ***** and a flood of *** and juices came pouring out all over the sheets. Mary reached down with her hand to try to keep the fluids from leaking out but it was a futile effort as the *** continued dripping out of her *****. Mary incredulously asked “How much *** did you pump into my *****?” and I just smiled and said “A lot!!!”
   Unfortunately, that was the end of Mary and my week long **** fest. Mary and I continued seeing each other occasionally here and there. Sometimes she told her husband that she was meeting up with some girlfriends when the truth was she was coming over to my place to ****. Other times, I would go into work late since I had a “doctor’s appointment” when, in fact, Mary came over to my apartment to ride my **** and get filled with ***. Mary and I were both surprised, with all of the *** that I pumped into her ***** over the next several months, that she never got pregnant. In the long-run, I guess that was a good thing since it kept her husband from finding out about her affair. Even so, I kind of regretted not being able to make her pregnant and for her to carry my child. In any case, I have Pete to thank for getting us together in the first place. Thanks Pete!!

Sorry, I guess Part 2 was longer than Part 1.
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