Home On Leave

I wrote about this in another group.. My First Milf Experienc.... but in short....I was staying wiht my uncle and his new wife. I was home from oversead during gulf storm, and he has a huge house with extra rooms so invited me to stay with him while I was visiting family and catching up with friends. In short, my aunt walked in on my ******* off in her bikini top she wore that day. My new aunt is very hot.. even still to this day pushing 60, she is VERy attractive...i was 20 and she watched me... not saying anything. The next night she caught me again, and i LUVd it.. looking her inthe eye as I jerked off to her... in her bikini or bra... for the next week. After a week, she started walking in and sitting closer to watch... touching her nipples while she watched... then talking to me, telling me how she liekd me stroking it. One night, as she had her robe open sitting on my bed while i sat in the chair ******* off to her.. i stood up...pulled her over on her side and blew a huge load all over her big boobs and tummy.
The next night she was prepared, and got down on her knees to catch my load of *** between her DDs.
The last night I was there, she ended up sucking me, and bending over for me to **** her. Was amazing!
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May 8, 2012