Sex With Friends Girlfriend.

She was a young and frisky little blonde and lived two houses down from mine.  My buddy (her boyfriend) and I were seventeen.  She was fourteen and the three of us always hung out together.  I had known her since she was a just a little kid and in a way we had grown up together, but her development into a young woman was sudden and she gone from being a flirtatious little cute kid into a gorgeously endowed young women and though quite short and skinny she had the nicest rack there ever was.  

I saw her and my buddy having sex for the first time after a movie.  They did it in the car when it was raining, and there was no where else for them to do it as I sat there and watched them in the rear mirror, hearing of the grunt sounds they made as then they cl*maxed.  I was jealous, and had seen just a glimpse of the hairs around her ****** as he took the p*nis from her when they'd done.  She was tiny, and in my mind she was also far too young for having sex already at her age.  She was also only two months past her fourteenth birthday which seemed so wrong.  She didn't care that I had watched and smiled as she looked at me while slipping on her underwear when they were done, as though she wanted me t know that she was not the little kid who I had known ay longer.  After that they began to do it often in my presence, on the back sea of the old Buick that my buddy owned.  She didnt seem to mind me being there and flirted with me a couple of times when he was not around as though she knew that I was jealous and wished that it were me.

We were smoking weed one day and then that night while driving home from a movie they decided to have a root on the back seat.  We had stopped the car in a parking lot by a lake.  It took him about one or two minutes to shoot and she was obvioulsy upset at him for being too quick.  I was driving the car.  He had smoked a little too much weed and was almost out of it.  She had gotten in the front of the car as he passed out and she obviously upset at him for what had just occurred! 

We drove and she was flirting, then had asked me if it made me h*rny watching the two of them have a root and I told her that it did.  I said that I still had a stiffy and she suggested I might take it out and let her see it.   I then undid my fly.  I was driving.  I suggested that she take it out, and then she did.   It was quickly obvious by her reaction that she wanted more, and so I pulled the car into an empty Safeway lot and parked the car.  My buddy was right out of it, completely passed out on the back seat.  She already had her panties off from when she was having sex with him, so I got over onto the passenger side, allowing her to straddle me and put it in, the sensation being totally amazing as I felt the urgency of what she wanted from me!   My hands slipped underneath her top as we were rooting, her eyes now closed as I felt of her impending clim*x, an experience which she had before but not with me!   

We stayed there for a while without moving. Rooting Jessica was something I might never have imagined would ever happen, her pubic hairs against my own, my c*ck still in her.   I asked about the first time that he f*cked her.  She was babysitting down the street and he arrived.  She told him she'd be there, that she'd be waiting and he came as she expected when the kids had gone to bed.  They did it on a sheepskin rug.  She said it hurt but she had liked it, and that was how it started three months before her fourteenth birthday.  Her parents would have killed him had they known.  She said she might have wished that it were me, but I ignored her and thought that she still a stupid kid.

We had a few more roots before she finally decided to break up with him about six months later and then her and I began seeing each other ona regular basis, rooting regularly and taking advantage of every opportunity we got.   While of this was still occuring I also had a root with her cousin who was really really cute, perhaps even more cuter than Jessica!  Her cousin had darker skin and was from out of town and the hair around her ***** was the blackest and the thickest patch that I had seen! 

We were smoking pot in my car one night and I could tell that her cousin really liked me.  We started making out one night while waiting in the car for Jessica to go into the house and use the washroom.   Her cousin was from out of town and visiting with Jessica while her folks were somewhere on a cruise.   She talked about her boyfriend, but didn't try to stop me as my hand went in her pants, discovering the bush of hair and the wetness of her sex.   I fingered her.  She liked it, then Jessica returned and said she had some pot. 

We drove to where we usually went and started smoking pot, and then a while later Jessica and myself decided to get in the back and started making out.   Her cousin watched, the same as I had done on more than one occasion, Jessica's panties coming off and then the sex. 

We finished.  Her cousin watched the whole event and then confessed she was a virgin.  Jessica suggested she would like it and her cousin said that she was horny, having watched us.  Jessica then volunteered my services.  The pot had obviously eased her inhibitions and her morals and it seemed that she agreed, that it was physical and that was all, and not in any way emotional, just sex.  She talked about her boyfriend, how he almost had it in her.  The cherry had been broken but his c*ck had not gone in all the way!  

My parents were not at home.  We made the arrangement to go there, and then upon arriving we went into my bedroom and started making out, and then the three of us got naked and things began to happen.   I went down on her while she and Jessica took turns giving me a BJ.   It happened quickly.   She lay upon her back for me to take her, her thighs apart, the wetness of her naked aroused and waiting for me.  My girlfriend watched.  I put it in, enough for her to feel it, just the knob, and when we asked if she was ready I went in her all the way, her legs wrapped round behind my butt as she got into it immediately we started having sex.  She was horny.  She rooted like she had done the deed a hundred times before, and I thought my d*ck would likely get strangled in the final moments of her terrific ******!  I thought about her boyfriend and thought about how fortunate he was to have her back with him in just two weeks! 

Over the course of the next week the three of us had several roots together.  She (the cousin) used to talk all the time about her boyfriend back at home where she lived and how she really loved him so I guess that after me she started rooting him when she got back.

I know that the story sounds sordid, but the unusual and extraordinary often happens out there in the real world and sometimes, now that I am an adult I find people who would deny that such things occurbut it seems that with a lot of teenagers today that sex is not such a big thing anymore.  The story is very very real and not altered, except there are no names.
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**** yea. ****. Horney *****. That was a ****** great story. I have net had sed yet. I want to suck **** though. **** yea. -) that's a fat **** in my pissy

Thank you for the great story. What a wonderful set of experiences with those girls. Reading this made me very horny.

Brilliant story, must of been good memorisiing a story like that!

Wish I had an encounter like that when younger.