My Introduction to

I was curious and a little obsessed.  I found a message board where "hobbyists" (men who hire prostitutes) connect with the women who mostly worked independently as ******.  To foil law enforcement, there was a trust system in which you needed a reference from a couple of the girls before you would be accepted as a client.  This system mainly seemed to help the less attractive or more desperate women get clients because they would take a chance on an unknown guy and then vouch for him later to the others who were a little more careful.

I settled on an older, thin *****, with obviously fake **** who was willing to meet me without references.  She definitely needed the money.  I showed up at the sleazy hotel room off the highway and walked through the parking lot to the back entrance wondering who was watching me.  I knocked on the door and was half afraid a cop would answer and arrest me.  She let me in and seemed very cheerful.

Soaps were playing on the televsion the entire time and the room smelled like cigarettes.  I wasn't attracted to her but I wanted the reference so I could get a "date" with a better escort and I was just titillated by the fact that I was seeing a *****.

I sat on the bed and we chatted.  She had a deep, uneducated, white trash kind of voice and mentioned her son.  She asked if I was a police officer .  (Why do they do that empty ritual?)  Then she ******** off her shirt to present what she thought was her best assets:  her fake ****.  I squeezed her breasts and complimented her perfunctorily and then took of my clothes and lie back on the hotel bed and wondered if I could really go through with it.  She ******** the rest of the way and gave me a ******* with a lot of fake moaning and groaning.  Her teeth scraped my **** too much and it took me quite a while to ***.  Honestly, my wife is a much better **********.  I think I felt a combination of disgust and amazement during the ******* that I was actually doing this, and was a little surprised when I was finally able to *** in her mouth.  She spat it out onto a towel next to the bed, looked at me kind of quizzically for a few seconds, and then said cheerfully, "want to go again?"  She tried to suck me off again for ten or fifteen minutes, but it was obvious to both of us that it wasn't going to happen.

Afterward, she slowly, gently, and thoroughly washed and dried my **** in what was the most tender moment of the whole thing.  Then she smiled and said "Welcome to the hobby."  I put an envelope with $60 in it on the table next to the t.v.  I asked if I could call her again and she said "anytime, baby" although I think she knew I'd never contact her again except as a reference.

I left feeling exhilerated, free, and wondering (now that I had my reference) what it would be like with one of the hotter escorts.  She wasn't the last ***** I hired.  Message me if you would like to hear about the others.
Mel Mel
36-40, M
Oct 9, 2006