I Had A Crush On Her

When I was in my 20s I discovered older women and back in the 90s it was very taboo for young men to want to sleep with older women in there 40s,50s or even 60s. So I started to go online and I found groups that were about young men who **** older women and grannies who loved young hard ****. So **** hepled for a while but then you want the real thing and you start to crave sex. So one night I went to this 'tanning saloon' and I met this very hot lady who was Thai and she was in her 40s. Her name was Star and she was very pretty and the first time we didn't have sex but she gave me a hand job.Later on we finally ****** and by this time I had the biggest crush on her but I never asked her out because I knew she got that from all the other guys so I never asked her out. But I still think about her every once in a while and hope she is ok. The last time that I saw her was 10 years ago.
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so whats so wrong about her it ?? did you ask her why she did it ?? sometimes they don;t like doing it as much as you thing they do but there kids got to eat :) .one of my friends sisters were one & when one of them wasn;t out making money for her family ,she was ask me if i was hungry & then got to the gro. store & come back & cook her & i steak & a baked potatoe , & then if she was still in the mood , give me some *****

Thank you for posting.