I Like Going To Prostitutes

I was a shy guy and a virgin until I visited a prostitute when I was 25, see my story under "I Lost My Virginity To A Prostitute Stories & Experiences" , since then I continued on a very irregular schedule, some times 4 or 5 in a couple of months time, sometimes none in a year.

I ordered escorts, visited red light districts, picked up street hookers, went to massage parlors and sex clubs. I guess in total about 50 times. I visited women in all sizes, colors and ages. Once even with a transgender, just because I wanted to try. 

Some experiences were great, some were poor, but in general most prostitutes are very nice.  They are not evil and what they do shouldn't be illegal. I really wish that men would talk a little bit more respectful of the women in this profession who take the time to pleasure you.
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2010

I'll be honest I have seen a couple of them and yes they do a lot to make you happy. Plus it has help me break out of my shell a little bit. So I do not see one bit of evil in them or in the actual profession.

I very much agree, from experience, with what you have written and especially the last paragraph. We should treat these female sex workers with great respect.