Sex With a Thai Hooker.

It was a long time ago. A long time before I got married. I wasn't dating anyone at the time.

I'm not sure why I did it. Curiosity I think. I had a friend from New Zealand who visited our country and he told me about all the hookers he'd ******* in Hong Kong and Vietnam and told me we had some of the best hookers here in South Africa.

He took me to the place. It was actually a very nice joint. Classy and comfortable - you had to pay a lot to get in, but the food and drink was free inside plus there were ***** shows going on all the time in different rooms of the the place.

Anyway, I had a look around and we ended up drinking for a long time. All the time girls would come up and hang out with us. They seemed to be having a good time. I wasn't even actually interested in having sex with any of them. I was just enjoying myself.

But eventually I figured I'd gone there for a reason so I might as well see what all the fuss was about. I chose an attractive-looking Thai girl.

Why Thai? You might ask? Well I'd been with dozens of white girls, so I figured while I was there I might as well kill two birds with one stone and find out what it was like with an asian girl.

She took be to the back of the club where they had rooms with Jacuzzis in them. We got undressed and got into the tub. She instantly started sucking face with me, which took me by surprise as I had an understanding that hookers don't kiss. That wasn't the case with this girl though. She was all over me like white on rice.

That went on for a while. After which we went to the massage table. She dried me off and gave me a massage, then she turned me over and rolled a condom on my **** and sucked me off for a while. At this point I'm not sure if I was turned on, or fascinated. I think more of the latter, since sex to me is more about fantasy than it is about physical action. Paying for it kinda takes the excitement right out of it. But nevertheless, I was paying for it so I wanted to get some satisfaction out of it.

Then we did the sex part. Which was, again, surprisingly passionate. Again, I'm not sure why. Maybe she liked me. Maybe they're like that with everyone. I don't know.
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I live in Thailand for most of the year and get tremendous pleasure from my liaisons with Thai sex workers. It is such fun being with them as they have great bodies, always sexily dressed, never giving the impression of being in a hurry and amazing value compared to what is on offer in Europe. What a contrast to matters in Britain where now the majority of women are fat and poorly dressed. I feel so sorry for the young men of my homeland as there are so few decent looking women available to them.

so go with a hooker ? nice

Thai prostitutes are hot! They really know how to please a man. The ones I have sex with do it without a condom. That is why I moved to Thailand.

It all depends on the woman. I have found the Thai women to be the best. They try to make the experience a good one and are more appreciative and empathetic to your needs. On more than one occasion I have left with a smile on my face thats lasted for days. Its not just the sex , its that intimate human contact with another person that we all need, that the Thai women are usually able to supply. A good prostitute will make you feel good and a bad prostitute will make you feel bad. P.S. always use a condom. Good luck.

Out of pure curiosity, what feelings do guys get when they sleep with a hooker for the first time? Do they feel guilty, ashamed, cheap, pathetic, despicable, wretched, used, ripped off, energised, relieved, nothing, empty? I've caught myself being curious about it but, you know, curiosity and the cat...

I love Asian women, esp Thai women.

Great story asian tend to be more sensual than most white girls

Kissing in brothels....<br />
I used to visit a prostitute locally for panty-wetting fun, and after the second visit she started to kiss me during the action. I think she liked me and wanted to give the proceedings a bit of spice!

There are whole brothels full of Thai girls in Europe, and I have always avoided them, because I worry they may have been trafficed. How did all these Thai girls end up in Western Europe? That's a question that troubles me. It is true that some of them are exceedingly sexually agressive, though, so sometimes it's hard to say no.<br />
<br />
In general, I think people don't understand how good many prostitutes are at their jobs. Especially in countries where prostitution is not so taboo, these women have really raised sexual pleasure to an art form. I'm glad you pointed out how engaged this woman was, because that has been my experience too. I have almost always gotten more than I bargained for. And that's why I like to say nice things about prostitutes on this site, because I don't think they get enough credit for the miraculous things they do.

Fascinating experience!