Just Had Sex With A Prostitute 2/12/11

I just left my local coffee shop that is located next to a train station. As I was waiting for the light to turn green I see this girl walking like she's drunk. She walks out of the crosswalk and askes me for train fair. She's a cute looking Hispanic girl in her early 20's She gets in my car and we drive into and parking garage, which is pretty quiet aftre the morning rush. She pulls down her pants while sitting in the passanger seat. She leans over and starts rubbing my ****. I take my pants down and she starts sucking me deep and hard. I let her slobber on my **** for a while then I remove her and tell her I want to watch her finger herself. I am watching and playing with her **** and she ****. I see the cream on my tan leather seats. I look in the mirrors of my car for anyone around. I get out go to my trung and grab my gym towel. She gets out of the car and I **** her from behind. I 'm wearing a polo shirt and she has her tank top above her ****. I am ******* her and she is acting like a cheerleader with her screams. No Joke. I bend her over a little more and start fingering her ***. I pull out of her take off my condom and while she's bent over put the head of my **** to her *** and shoot my load, not on her ***, but in and around her ***. We got dressed . I hand her a $20 and we part ways.
sjholl007 sjholl007
3 Responses May 12, 2011

Before they shutdown the ***** clubs a man could go in near the end of the month when rent was due and get anything he wanted, sometimes for as little at $50. Buy her a drink, fondle her breasts and ***** and negotiate the deed and price. Now the girls can't get naked, no touching and definitely no lap dancing. Pretty much killed our convention business, too.

With me that would have cost you $400.00

Thats a lot of money in our country.

But it sounds like he had a very good time with her.

Sounds like a nice time.