Yes I Did.

me and my friends used to go to a local bar some weekends or after job during some weekdays some use to drink some not including me just went in for pool table competition and in this bar ofcourse lots of prostitutes were there different race and sizes but i always admired this one black girl she was around 25-28 yrs she wasnt fat nor thin i'd say slim with great *** and firm **** and she always wore hot clothes not those like comletely slutty but i never talked to her because i wansnt there for a **** untill one day when i went at the bar to get us some few drinks she came and ordered hers and i offered to pay thus then asking for a cigarete luckly i was smoking that night tho am not a smoker just casual.we then started to talk.
her:thanks for the drink.
me:your welcome(while smiling) , you look good.
her:you like what you see:
me:yes if you dont mind we can step outside and talk more
her:100$ hunny
me:haha why so eager with the money
her:fine lets go but let me say bye to my friends.
we finaly got to understanding price, until this moment i was sure i was really going to finally do it with this girl.we went straight to my car i asked her if she didnt mind doin it in the car(always find sex in a car is hot) well she couldnt say no since i was paying.then she asked for a condom which i didnt have and she didnt either ,luckyly for me i knew the parking lot watchmen.gave one money to go buy for me and as he went she suddenly received a call later told me it was he chinees customer as she was talking to her cellphone she was playing with my crotch still tucked in my jeans then we moved to rear sits so that we could get enough space as i removed my jeans for her to suck she refused to said she doesnt know were my **** has been i said fair enough i washed my **** with her beer thats when she agreed and gave me a ******* it wasnt that well since she couldnt fit her mouth until the guy knocked on the window and gave me the condom then she put it on me she spread her legs and guided my **** to her ***** after few strokes i want her doggystyle and she did ****** her hard for few minuites i remember knocking her head on the door couple times i was holding her black waist and ******* her from behind as she moan to each stroke her *** was so bubbly it was great to bounce on it i then slowed my pace and told her to sit on me this is were she really did it she rode soo hard untill she came i still didnt *** and was soo hard i wanted to **** her ******* but she refused i just ended up fingering it as she rode me tho cudnt touch it properly. after she rode me and *** she wanted to blow me again i told her to just ******* me just to finish up as she looked at me and so she did .i enjoyed watching her put her clothes back i stoped her when she bent over to reach for her gstring and fingereg her ******* she just laughed .i paid her extra and she was happy and so was i because she was not that it was a good **** .black girls are soo hot
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Was that your only time paying?

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