She Was Very Accomodating To My Needs :)

Today I went to see a Thai hooker. I am 24 and she was around 25-27. I found her using the ErosGuide Chicago website. Even though her profile didn't match what she looked like, she was actually even prettier than I expected. 5'0, 100 lbs; she was sexy and petite. I received a ******* without a condom in the bathroom and then alternated between handjobs and condom intercourse. She let me touch any part of her body and I even got to kiss her. It was pretty awesome! Before the encounter I had never kissed a girl. Now I can enlist in the Navy knowing that I had accomplished that goal. I didn't get a happy ending when time was up since my **** couldn't stay hard for her. But it was still a relaxing and fun experience for me. We mainly did cowgirl syles together and she got really wet. :)
RDorothy RDorothy
22-25, M
Sep 12, 2011