First Pro *******

I was in my 30s the first time I engaged the services of a prostitute. I was away from home for a day in a familiar city and wanted a good *******. My wife sometimes tried to suck my **** but just couldn’t make me ***. I wanted to know if it was me or her.

So I was walking the streets in an area I felt was prime territory trying to make eye contact with the passing women. A compact black woman responded to my look and asked if I was looking for a date. I said maybe.

She said a hand job was 15 and a straight lay was 25. I asked about a ******* and she said 30. It was my first time and long ago. I agreed and followed her to a cheap hotel a few blocks away.

We had to pass through the bar so she could pick up a key and I eyed the other women sitting there wondering if they were also prostitutes. They were. One was a cute blond that I wished I’d met on the street.

In the room we both undress and she washes my **** and balls well with a warm cloth then puts my **** in her mouth. I was nervous and before I even got hard she sucked out a little pre-*** and said something to the effect that she was finished.

Disappointed and pissed I was getting dressed when she asked. “Do you want to **** that white girl for $25?” Hell, I was in the room and half naked and said “Send her up.”

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and it was the cute blond from the bar. “How do you want to do it?” she asked as she undressed. “I’d really like a *******,” I said. “Oh, that’s $20,” she said and I handed her a bill.

She finished undressing me and took my **** in her hand while I caressed her *******. She got me hard and took me in her mouth and started sucking. A few minutes later I *** with more force than I could ever remember. She swallowed and sucked lightly until I went soft then licked me and washed me with a warm cloth.

She smiled appreciatively when I gave her a $10 tip.

A few months I had to return to the city and was looking forward to a repeat performance. I went to the bar and the ****** were there including the black one but not the young blond. I had a beer waiting for her to finish with a customer but she never showed.

I’ve spent many hours with these lovely young ladies who share their bodies and have had lots of ******** from them. There’s something special about the first one and I’ll never forget that talented young blond. Except for the black ***** I have never felt cheated or short changed by a prostitute and hope the day comes when their profession is legal.
lou2005 lou2005
61-65, M
Jan 4, 2012